TV Shows on DVD: Kidnapped, NCIS, WKRP in Cincinnati & More

Kidnapped - The Complete Series on DVDIt is time again here on Planet Earth to seek out new and interesting TV shows on DVD. This week’s list promised to have more than just Dogfights and other Shameless TV offerings. The list was under the protection of the U.S. Navy at the Bangor Submarine Base near Bremerton, WA until Ed, Edd n’ Eddy stole it during a preparedness drill for a Tsunami. The Aftermath was that the list was gone and also that Petty Officer Flipper, who was on guard duty, had been Kidnapped. NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigate Service was called in and they sent Special Agent Columbo to find the missing officer and the list of TV shows on DVD. While having The Drew Carrey Show him around the crime scene, he found a note telling them they had 24 hours to meet their demands or the officer would be killed and the list destroyed. Just then, he was notified of a cryptic message that a moment ago had been broadcast on WKRP in Cincinnati. He thought it The Odd Couple of things to take and even weirder yet, to use a radio station in Ohio to leave a clue. Why steal both the TV Show DVD list and abduct a dolphin? He dispatched one of his agents to decode the transmission ASAP, as they now had less than One Day at a Time when every second counts. Using a top-secret computer, codenamed “Ironside,” the message was decoded. It said, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Right then, he new it was his arch nemesis, Moral Orel, as he was the only person still alive who new of the time he was held in solitary darkness for days after his Marine unit was captured years earlier. Orel and his minions were hunted down, the Petty Officer was found unhurt and the TV show DVD list was procured safely and then posted for all to see.

New TV Shows on DVD Released Tuesday, April 24th:

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3
Columbo – Mystery Movie Collection, 1989
Dogfights – The Complete Season One (History Channel)
The Drew Carey Show – The Complete First Season
Ed, Edd n’ Eddy – The Complete Second Season
Flipper – The Original Series, Season 1
Ironside – The Complete First Season
Ironside – Season 1, Vol. 1 (Pilot Episode & First Five Episodes)
Kidnapped – The Complete Series
Moral Orel, Vol. 1, The Unholy Edition
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service – The Complete Third Season
The Odd Couple – The First Season
One Day at a Time – The Complete First Season
Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series
Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray]
Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series [HD DVD]
Shameless – The Complete First Season
Tsunami: The Aftermath
WKRP in Cincinnati – The Complete First Season

What new TV show on DVD offerings this week will you be adding to your collection?

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