Idol Gives Back With Less Than Stellar Two-Hour Show

Were you shocked by the results tonight? I wasn’t. When they announced that no one would be leaving this week, which was all about charity and giving, I was like,” yeah, I can see that.” I wasn’t like, “oh my god, I can’t believe they just did that.”

What was shocking, however, was how mostly boring the show was and how most of the names they used to promote the show, only showed up in a few taped bits. Very few were actually in attendance. Although, you can go to iTunes and buy some of the videos they showed last night and the proceeds will go to charity.

There were three things that I did like:

  • Il Divo, they were absolutely great.
  • The duet of Celine Dion and Elvis was cool, even if a bit cheesy, but it was pretty well done.
  • Ellen DeGeneres putting her money where her mouth was and donating $100,000 to the “Idol Gives Back” charities. One thing that always bothers me, is when a rich & famous person takes a few minutes or hours out of their day to use their celebrity to get all the little people, who have made them a celebrity, to donate to this great cause or that real need, but haven’t shelled out any cash of their own towards it. Ellen is the first I can recall in recent history that I have seen put up some of her own money, while asking you to send in yours. Actually, this may have been the most shocking occurrence of the night. Way to go Ellen!

Well, next week the votes will be added to this week’s votes and the two lowest will be heading home.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 6 Rankings:

  1. Jordin Sparks – Even though they made her think she was the one being sent home this week, her young age and this week’s performance may have just put her in the front runner position.
  2. Melinda Doolittle – Has the best voice and most consistent performances
  3. Blake Lewis – If he doesn’t bring the beat box back soon, he will be beating back to Bothell, WA soon.
  4. LaKisha Jones – Peaked way to early and has never been able to recapture that performance. Definitely needs to stop picking songs by past Idol winners.
  5. Chris Richardson – Still don’t know what it is that people see in this guy.
  6. Phil Stacey – Well, at least in an all white outfit and hat, he didn’t look quite as pale as usual.

Who do you think would have been put off the show had they done so? Who is most likely to be leaving American Idol Season 6 during next week’s results show?

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