Tonight on the Tube: Raines, Numb3rs, Sci Fi Friday and TV Marathons

Stargate Atlantis TV Show SoundtrackTonight is the season finales of Identity and Raines on NBC. I hope NBC gives Raines a chance at getting a timeslot for next season. It is a bit quirky and dark, but makes for a very interesting hour of television. It is a cop procedural with a twist. It has a bit of an old noir detective feel to it, but the lead detective is also leaning towards the little bit crazy side and may be on his way to completely losing it. In other news, it was announced yesterday that “Idol Gives Back” has raised over $60 million. The final updated tally will be announced on next week’s American Idol performance show. What will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. Last night’s episode, “Desire,” replays where all the attendings pay extra attention to a member of the hospital board. They all really seem to want that promotion to Chief.

Raines (NBC): Season Finale. Hopefully it’s not the series finale, as I really like this show. Tonight, Raines’ ex tries to convince him that her husband’s death wasn’t and accident. Walking around seeing you ex’s dead husband has got to be pretty bad.

Numb3rs (CBS): New. A former mob hit man on death row wants to tell where he buried the bodies, but Don thinks he has some ulterior motives for doing so. Peter MacNicol makes his return as Larry Fleinhart. He had taken a leave from the show to be a part of this season of 24 on FOX.

Solid Selections

House (FOX): Repeat. The “Honeymoon” episode replays where House is working to save Stacy’s husband and thinks for her may have come back.

Bones (FOX): Repeat. When Bones identifies the body of a man found in an SUV, it puts her and Booth on the trail of a possible terrorist.

Law & Order (NBC): New. A Russian émigré’s death looks to be terrorism, but then the medical examiner finds a specific poison in is blood changing the investigation.

Cable Choices

Stargate SG-1 (Sci Fi): New. Carter gets trapped in a parallel reality that is under Marshall Law when an experiment goes wrong. Plays again later.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi): New. A new scam by a trickster puts the Atlantis team up against an old enemy. Plays again later.

Painkiller Jane (Sci Fi): New. There are reports of people with selective amnesia and the team thinks a Neuro might be causing it. Riley gets his mind wiped of all knowledge of computers and technology. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • Emeril Live (Food Network): New. Emeril heads south of the border for some spicy favorites.
  • Monk (USA): Repeat. The “Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert” episode replays.
  • Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Paula shows you how to make a proper sandwich. Plays again later.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. A mom that is always in her pajamas or yoga pants gets a makeover. Plays again later.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has an NBA Playoff doubleheader with the Chicago Bulls at the Miami Heat followed by the Dallas Mavericks at the Golden State Warriors.
  • ESPN2 has the Toronto Raptors at the New Jersey Nets in NBA Playoff action followed by Friday Night Fights.
  • Versus has an NHL Playoff doubleheader.

Late Night

  • House (USA): Repeat. The “Act Your Age” episode from a couple weeks ago replays where a six-year-old girl comes to the hospital with symptoms that should only be present in someone much older.
  • The Shield (FX): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “The New Guy,” replays. Runs 66 minutes.

TV Marathons

Cartoon Network has episodes of Ed, Edd and Eddy all day today and tomorrow.
MTV has 21 episodes of Parental Control this morning.
MTV2 has 12 episodes of Punk’d early.
Nickelodeon has 12 episodes of The Cosby Show late tonight.
Oxygen has 14 episodes of Snapped.
Sci Fi has six episodes of Dark Angel early today.
TNT has six episodes of Law & Order today.

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