Tonight on the Tube: Falcon Beach, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, 24 and The Riches

Get Episodes of 24 at iTunesFor those wondering about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, NBC has announced its return. It will not be back on Mondays though, as it will play its final six episodes on Thursdays. ER has its season finale on May 17th and Studio 60 will make its return the next week on May 24th in the ER timeslot. Since this is the day after the May sweeps period ends and by then NBC will have already announced their Fall 2007 Schedule, it doesn’t look like there is much chance of a second season. At least, they have had plenty of time to give the show a proper ending. What do you think about the return of Studio 60 on NBC?

Are you a Falcon Beach fan? Well, there is some bad news for you then. ABC Family has decided not to pick up the show for a third season. It will, however, continue playing the second season until it wraps up on July 2nd. The show was filmed in Canada and the second season has already played on Global Television up there. Unfortunately, that means stories will be left with no resolution, since the filming was completed long ago. Will you continue to watch? What do you think of the cancellation?

If you are looking for Drive tonight on FOX before 24, you won’t find it. FOX has put the brakes on after four episodes and will replace it for the rest of the season with reruns of House. Did you like Drive? Were you one of its few viewers?

Prime Picks

How I Met Your Mother (CBS): New. Barney gets to be on The Price is Right with Bob Barker. That is going to be legen…wait for it…dary.
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS): New. Boundaries are tested as the whole gang follows Ritchie on a school camping trip.

Heroes (NBC): New. It is five years in the future and Ando and Hiro are finding out that people with special abilities are not all that well liked.

CSI: Miami (CBS): New. Horatio has to give the old heave-ho to someone that works for him when his or her personal life conflicts with a case.

Solid Selections

House (FOX): Repeat. House and the team are presented a difficult case when a burned man with unusual blood test results is admitted to the hospital.

24 (FOX): New. Jack is having to deal with going out on his own to get Audrey back and she seems to have suffered some kind of trauma while being held captive.

The Real Wedding Crashers (NBC): New. Not the best, but better than The Bachelor.

Cable Choices

Kyle XY (ABC Family): Repeat. The season one replay continues with “This Is Not A Test” where bugs are planted in the Trager household to keep an eye on Kyle. Plays again later. Season two begins on June 11th. A new episode of Falcon Beach plays right before.

Friends (TBS): Repeat. Carol gives birth and Ross and Susan don’t get along.
Friends (TBS): Repeat. Chandler spills the beans on Ross’ feelings for Rachael on her birthday.

The Riches (FX): New. The Malloy’s need to get their hands on some cash quickly and decide to pull a huge con on a washed up baseball player. Runs 63 minutes and plays twice.

Other Options

  • Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network): New. Italian food joints are checked out. Plays again later.
  • The King of Queens (CBS): New. Carrie learns of an apartment in Manhattan that is available and thinks that her dream of living in the city may come true.
  • The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): New. Food in Las Vegas is surveyed. Plays again later.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS): New. Charlie takes Jake to the track and a lot of money is won, but by Jake. Alan gets stuck at the DMV.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Monday Night Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals at the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • ESPN2 has Arena Football.
  • NBA TV has the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Washington Wizards in playoff action.
  • TNT has an NBA Playoff doubleheader with the Utah Jazz at the Houston Rockets followed by the San Antonio Spurs at the Denver Nuggets.
  • Versus has doubleheader NHL Playoff games.

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