How Did the Top 6 Perform Again on American Idol Season 6?

Last week because of “Idol Gives Back,” they decided not to send a contestant home. They all got a reprieve, but this week two singers will be headed home. They will add last week’s votes to this week’s tally and the two with the lowest combined vote totals will have sung there last song in the competition. By the way, they announced that they have raised nearly $70 million to date.

The Idol wannabes all had to choose Bon Jovi tunes. Jon Bon Jovi and keyboardist David Brian helped them with the songs they chose. The clips with him and the singers were some of the best from the show this season, as he actually looked like he was giving advice. Much like the week with J.Lo, he really seemed interested.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 6 Performance Rankings Again:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – I thought her performance of “Have A Nice Day” was great. She has the best voice in the competition and can really sing just about anything. Randy also thought it was a “great performance.” Paula thought she was a “Rock Star” and Simon thought she sounded like a “young Tina Turner” and is “vocally in a different league.” She was the last to take the stage this week.
  2. Blake Lewis – I think Simon is right about Blake’s performance of “You Give Love A Bad Name.” That being, “half will hate it, half will love it” and “it was the thing to do.” Put me in the latter half, I thought it was great. After two weeks of boring middle of the road performances, he needed to do something special. I think he pulled it off. When he goes off with the beat-box and such, he is the most entertaining of the contestants this year. Randy thought the performance was the “most original version ever on American Idol.” Paula thought it was “amazing” and told him “this is your night.” He was fourth to go this week.
  3. LaKisha Jones – She went with the lesser known, “This Ain’t A Love Song” and was very good. As Randy mentioned, it did start off a bit rough, but then she found her way and was back to what she was in the beginning. Randy thought she “blew it out the box.” Paula thought that she “gave everybody a little somethin’, somethin’” Simon was so appreciative that he said, “I could give you a kiss after that.” Then she came down from the stage and he did. She was the third to go on last night.
  4. Phil Stacey – During the opening of the show, I thought to myself that Phil should do one of the more country sounding songs from the Bon Jovi hit list, like something from Young Guns. Then he came out first with “Blaze of Glory” and sounded really good. Randy thought that besides Country Week, this was his “best performance ever on the show.” Paula thought it was the best performance to open the show “all season long.” Simon thought it was “okay,” but “didn’t hear any authenticity.” I would have to go along with Simon on the showmanship part of his performance, but vocally I would have to side closer to Randy.
  5. Chris Richardson – He sang “Wanted Dead or Alive” and I will have to go with Dead, as it was not a very good rendition. He is so not a rocker. Randy thought it “was nice.” Paula gave him a “good job.” Simon thought he “did as much” with the song as he could, but he wasn’t sure if it was “enough.”
  6. Jordin Sparks – Sparks fizzled this week and she agreed that it wasn’t very good. She was second to sing and chose “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Hers was not answered tonight as it was the far and away worst performance for her on the show and the worst of the night. Randy told her that it “wasn’t your best.” Paula thought that she “went for it,” but that it was out of her range. Simon thought it to be “out of control” and “terrible.” It wasn’t good.

Given these performances on a normal week, I would have put Phil, Chris and Jordin in my bottom three and send Chris packing, but two will be leaving this week and last week’s votes count as well. So, the question is, who do you think was at the bottom last week?

I had Blake, Phil and LaKisha as the bottom three after last week with Phil going home. I think Blake did enough this week to average himself up, as did LaKisha. Chris was high enough to stay last week but he definitely averaged down this week. If you average last week’s standings with this week’s you get Melinda at 1.5, Blake at 3.5, LaKisha at 3.5, Jordin at 3.5, Chris at 4 and Phil at 5. So, with that I will say that Chris and Phil will be the two leaving the show this week.

Who do you think will be heading home after the Top 6 sang for a second week on American Idol Season 6?

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