Has Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Been Cancelled? And More TV Questions Answered

Get Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Episodes at iTunesHere are seven more questions from TVaholic readers. TV fans were interested in Dirt on FX, whether shows like October Road or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip have been cancelled, info on songs that played during their favorite shows and what the deal is with network scheduling?

Tara asked: Is there any free way I can watch Dirt’s season finale? I missed the replay.
Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no, unless you hit one of the illegal downloading sites. FX doesn’t have a streaming video site for replay of their shows like sister network FOX does with some of their shows. You can however download the Dirt season finale at iTunes or Amazon’s Unbox. Single episodes are only a $1.99. I recently downloaded an episode of The Office from iTunes after having some DVR problems a few weeks ago. It’s not a bad way to go.

Paloma asked: Has October Road been cancelled? ABC seems to change the shows after Grey’s Anatomy all the time. Is Men in Trees scheduled to come back anytime soon?
October Road was not cancelled. ABC actually ended up playing all six of its first season episodes. Will it be back next season is the question now? Right before the season finale, it was announced that the actresses that play Janet and Pizza Girl had been promoted to full cast members. Why is this important? Well, it locks them up for October Road and keeps them from pursuing other job offers for new TV shows in development. This is a positive sign for those hoping to see it back next season. As for Men in Trees, what is your definition of soon? It looks as if it won’t be back until next fall, but it will be back. You can read more about the Men in Trees situation in the Tonight on the Tube post from April 26th.

Terry asked: What is with the crazy, undependable programming? You go to watch a show and something else is on. My favs are Heroes, Jericho, and Men in Trees. Half the time they are pre-empted by something else. I long for the days of Sept-May shows and reruns.
The networks are presently trying to deal with this problem, especially with the more complex serial shows like Heroes, Jericho and others. There has been significant audience drop offs from when a show goes on a hiatus and when it returns. It’s funny though, as the networks were trying to deal with the complaint of too many reruns and a lack of continuity while watching these types of shows from previous seasons. But, they seem to have found this season that fans of these shows don’t like long breaks between consecutive episode runs either. ABC just announced three more 16-episode seasons for Lost, but it also looks like it won’t start until January each season and then run for 16 straight weeks, similar to what FOX does with 24. That is one way to solve the problem. However, all the networks will continue to use their hit shows to try and launch other shows, like ABC with October Road taking over the Men in Trees slot after Grey’s Anatomy at the end of this season. What do you think TV networks should do with these types of shows?

Joe asked: Season Finale of Shark (CBS) May 3, 2007 – What was the name of the closing song – I’m nearly positive it was Emmylou Harris, but I didn’t recognize the song itself. THANKS.
I happened to have recorded that episode of Shark, so you’re in luck. It was difficult trying to listen to just the song and not the actors speaking, but after playing the end sequence a couple of times, I was able to pick out a few lyrics. Then a few searches later, I believe you are right that it was Emmylou Harris and the song is “Goodbye,” which can be found on her album Wrecking Ball.

Rabin, in the comments of a previous Ask the TVaholic, asked: Hey I would like to know where to get the songs for the TV serial Men in Trees. They have very nice songs throughout the season.
Check out the Music Guide for Men in Trees. They have a listing by episode of the Title, Artist and Label for each song that has played in each episode. After clicking around the ABC website a bit, it looks as though they have a pretty comprehensive music listing for most of their shows.

Tammy asked: Why was the TV show Related cancelled?
Related was a fun show that seemed to get better as the season progressed. Unfortunately, like a lot of other shows on UPN and The WB, when the two networks merged and became The CW, there was half as many hours of programming to fill. Related along with other good shows, like Everwood, from The WB didn’t make the new network.

M asked: Has Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip been cancelled?
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip hasn’t been officially cancelled. NBC did recently release a return to the TV schedule for Studio 60. It will play its remaining six episodes beginning Thursday, May 24th. It will take over the ER timeslot after ER has its season finale on May 17th. This return date is long after NBC will have already announced their 2007 Fall Lineup next week. So, most likely, it won’t be back for a second season. But, at least fans of the show will get some closure to the storylines they have been following.

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