How Did the Final 4 Singers Perform on American Idol Season 6?

This week had the four remaining singers on American Idol season 6, performing Barry Gibb tunes. It was decent night, but not spectacular. There were a couple of individual performances that came close, but that was. Each contestant sang two songs a piece.

It was a night where the idea of making the song your own, came back to bite you. After a singer comes out and just sings a song, they are scolded with things like, “copycat performance,” “karaoke,” “nothing original” and other such comments. Then the judges tell the singers that they need to “make the song your own.”

So, then the singer attempts to do so and the judges, like Randy told LaKisha tonight, that she did too much with it and that these are classic songs that don’t need to be changed. This is one aspect of the show that always bothers me.

After two relatively boring performances by Blake, last week he came through with a great performance. It was original and he totally made it his own. He was applauded for it by all the judges, the idea that the Blake they loved was back, was put forth. Then this week he injects a bit of the beat boxing into both of his songs and Randy tells him that “you don’t have to do it every time.” So, I guess you should just make it your own about half the time or something. I don’t know. What do you think of the judges being all over the map on the, be original and make it your own, while singing someone else’s classic songs?

So, how did the night go?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 4 Performance Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – She was first to go and chose “Love You Inside and Out” as her first song. Randy called it “solid.” Paula told her that her “vocals are always spot on.” Simon thought that she almost reverted to background singer. I thought it was really good. For her second song, she went with “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.” Randy thought is was “much better” and had a “beautiful ending.” Paula thought it was a “beautiful vocal.” Simon told her that the “second half of that song has put you in the semi-finals.” She really finished strong.
  2. Jordin Sparks – She was the last to take the stage and chose, “To Love Somebody” as her first song of the night. Randy thought it was the best vocal of the first four. Paula agreed. Simon thought that the competition had finally started back up again. For her second song she sang, “Woman In Love.” Randy thought it was “pitchy.” Paula told her “you’re absolutely beautiful.” Simon thought is sounded “old fashioned” and “very pageanty.” It is weird, as it sounded really good to me. I actually thought it was better than her first song.
  3. Blake Lewis – He was second to hit the stage and went with “You Should Be Dancing” for his first song. Randy thought he had just left a “weird disco tech in a foreign country” after hearing Blake’s version of the song. Paula thought it continued to show he is “unique” in this competition. Simon thought it was “absolutely terrible.” The worst part of the song was the weird reverb echo that it had on almost every line Blake sang. For his second song he chose “This Is Where I Came In.” This is where Randy told him that “you don’t have to do it every time,” referring to the beat boxing. Paula thought that he is the “contemporary rebel” in the competition and that he “sang spot on key.” Simon thought it was a “really weird bizarre choice of song.” I thought this one was really good.
  4. LaKisha Jones – Was the third to go and sang, “Staying Alive,” which she may not be after this week in the competition. Randy thought it was “weird.” Paula thought that her version “brought the mood down” in the auditorium. Simon said, “no kiss tonight.” For her second song she went with “Run To Me.” Randy thought it was “much better than the first.” Paula said something that I don’t recall. Simon also thought it was “better than the first,” but that she “and Blake are vulnerable tonight.”

I think that Simon is right and that Blake and LaKisha will be the bottom two. I think that neither of LaKisha’s performances last night was very good. I think that Blake’s uniqueness in the competition keeps him in it another week and LaKisha is the one to go. Who from the final 4 do you think will be leaving American Idol Season 6 after last night?

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