Who Will the American Idol Season 6 Winner Be, Blake or Jordin?

Download Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis Songs at iTunesAfter all the talk at the beginning of American Idol Season 6 about the Seattle auditions being some of the worst ever, and if you saw those episodes, there was some pretty bad auditions, the final two both auditioned up here, or not far from were I am typing this right now. Not only that, but the winner of the American Idol song writing competition was a duo from the Seattle area as well. While Sanjaya also made it far into the competition from the Seattle auditions, we up here in the area take no responsibility for him or his hair, that blame falls squarely on Randy, Paula and Simon. They not only gave him a yellow ticket, but also put him in the Top 24. Overall, it looks like the Seattle auditions turned out to be pretty good.

The final two on Season 6 of American Idol was Blake Lewis from Bothell, WA and Jordin Sparks from Glendale, AZ. They each sang three songs for the finale. One was to be their favorite song from an earlier performance, one was to be a song they haven’t sung before and the final song was the winner of the song writing contest, “This Is My Now.”

With the letdown of Melinda Doolittle being sent home last week, you would have thought that the show would be a bit anticlimactic. But, it was actually pretty good and it ended with the person who should have won last year, Chris Daughtry and his band Daughtry performing “Home,” the song American Idol has been using over the closing montages when someone is voted off this season.

So, how were the performances and what did they sing?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 2 Performance Rankings:

  1. Jordin Sparks – Well, this is her now. She was the second to sing and got better with each song. He first song choice was Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” Randy thought her “voice was stellar.” Paula chimed in with an “awesome.” I was more in agreement with Simon, as he thought it was a “bit shriek-y in the middle.” I thought maybe she had gone all LaKisha on us and started shouting instead of singing. For her second song, she went with the Martina McBride number, “A Broken Wing,” which she had previously sang. Randy thought she was “flawless.” Paula said she was “in great vocal voice.” Randy thought this one “was good.” She ended it quite well, but it wasn’t as good as the first time she sang it. The winner of the song writing competition, “This Is My Now,” was her final song and going last she took full advantage. This was by far the best vocal of the night. She can really sing and the fact that she almost lost it at the end, when singing the line, “This is my now” only cemented the fact that she should be the winner tomorrow night. Randy thought she was the “best singer” on the night. Paula thought it was a “good night” for her. Simon thought that her vocal “wiped the floor with Blake on that song.”
  2. Blake Lewis – Made the mistake of going first, he won the coin flip. You never want to let the competition be the last thing the audience sees and hears. Although, with the final song they both had to sing, it probably wouldn’t have mattered in the least. For the first song of the night he pulled his best performance of the competition out and pressed replay. He sang his take on Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name.” It was still pretty good, but not quite up to the first time he did it. Randy thought his singing was “just all right,” but the beat boxing was a “10 out of 10.” Paula gave him a “more than a 10.” Simon doesn’t think that Blake is the best singer, but that he is the “best performer this season.” For song number two he went with Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved.” Randy thought it was a “very nice vocal.” Paula said he “sounded great.” Simon thought it was “good,” but that it was a “safe” choice of song. Then for his final appearance he sang “This Is My Now” and it wasn’t. I wonder if they both had to sing it with the exact same arrangement and weren’t allowed to mess with it, because for Blake to have won, he needed to close the show like he opened it. And, with a straightforward song like that and his nice voice and low-key vibe, it just wasn’t going to happen.

If voters turned off their TVs after the first song tonight, then Blake might have a chance. But, if they watched the whole thing, it should be Jordin singing the final song at the end of the two-hour season finale results show. Who do you think should win American Idol Season 6?

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