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Alias - The Complete Fifth SeasonSeven more question from TV fans, which includes wanting to know: What About Brian and if he will be back, if Reba was cancelled, a whole bunch about the final season of Alias, when the season 3 Lost finale might replay, who won American Idol and what were those songs playing at the end of The King of Queens and Law & Order: SVU in the finale episodes? So, without further ado…

Kate asked: I was wondering if you knew if the show What About Brian was picked up for next season? I loved it and saw the finale but you never know…
ABC announced their Fall 2007 TV Schedule last week and What About Brian didn’t make the cut. October Road will fill the vacated Monday timeslot after the fall run of The Bachelor ends. Barry Watson, who played Brian, will be back on ABC in the comedy Sam I Am with Christina Applegate. Also, Sarah Lancaster, who played Marjorie, will be in the new show Chuck on NBC.

Mary asked: Has the TV Series Reba been cancelled?
Yes, the last two episodes of Reba aired on February 18th, 2007. It was almost cancelled at the end of last season, its fifth, when UPN and The WB merged to become The CW, but it was brought back for a shortened 13-episode sixth season, which ended up being its last.

Mei asked: Hi, I am hoping for my sanity’s sake that you will be able to find the answers to the following questions about Alias:

  1. Why was/what was the real reason why Vaughn was initially assigned to Sydney when she belonged to SD6?
  2. What really happened to Vaughn’s mother?
  3. Who was Vaughn’s mother?
  4. What happened to Will Tippin after he fought Ana Espinosa with Sydney in the second last episode?
  5. What happened to the rescue/medical attention/helicopter that was supposed to arrive for Jack when he was shot in the final episode?
  6. What happened to Peyton after Sydney interrogated her in the 2nd last or last episode?

You will be the most wonderful person in this world if you answered these questions for me, and you would have save my sanity. Thanks so much.
Wow, that is a whole lot of questions about Alias. While I am the TVaholic and am full of useless knowledge about TV shows, it has been a while since Alias ended and many of these escape me. Looking at all your questions, I am about to lose my sanity. So, in an attempt to save your sanity without losing my own, here are a few suggestions:

  • Television Without Pity has some pretty exhaustive Alias episode recaps.
  • You could buy Alias Season 5 on DVD.
  • Alternately, you could rent Alias Season 5 via Netflix or your favorite rental outlet.
  • You could download just the last two or three episodes of Alias Season 5 at iTunes.
  • I believe the answer to #5 is, it doesn’t matter, because Jack went out with a bang. He went back into the cave and blew it up, trapping, the now eternal youth, Sloane.
  • Lastly, if any other Alias fans out there have some more suggestions or answers, let us know in the comments.

Douglas asked: When will the two-hour Lost finale episode re-run or repeat? For some reason only a little over one hour of it recorded on my VHS…so I’ve missed the ending.
Well, most likely it won’t replay until sometime near the end of the summer or the week before the next season starts, which isn’t until late January or early February of 2008. You can watch the season 3 finale of Lost via streaming video at ABC.com. Or, you can download the Lost Season 3 Finale at iTunes.

April asked: Who emerged as the winner of American Idol Season 6?
Jordin Sparks beat out Blake Lewis for the title of American Idol in the largest vote to date, a total of more than 74 million.

Janel asked: What was the name/artist of the song played on the series finale of The King of Queens during the ending montage?
The song is called “Milk & Honey” by Million Billion. It can be found on their album Ready. Fire. Aim. Or, you can get it at iTunes.

Bob asked: Who sang the song at the end of the Law and Order: SVU season finale 2007? It sounded like an Irish girl singing.
Actually, it was a Welsh woman. The song is called “Sense of Touch” and is by composer Mark Isham. It is from the movie Crash and can be found on the Crash score soundtrack. Or, you can get it at iTunes. According to this interview with Mark Isham, the woman’s name is Carol Ensley, who “at the time of the recording, lived in Wales, and was like the grandmother of the town, who knew all of the local songs. She was not a professional at all, and just used to sing these songs to grandchildren.”

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