Guide to Summer TV Shows – 2007

The Closer - The Complete Second Season - Summer TV on DVDAs of tonight with the season finales of House on FOX and Boston Legal on ABC, the 2006-07 TV season will be finished. So, that brings up the question of, is there anything to watch on TV this summer? Yes, there are actually quite a few TV shows for Summer 2007. Below you will find a listing of TV shows by day and then premiere or return date:

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Monday Shows

  • The Ex-Wives Club (ABC): Series Premiered May 28th. Lame reality show with Angie Everhart and Marla Maples along with a life coach trying to help recently divorced women get on with their lives.
  • On the Lot (FOX): Time Period Premiere May 28th. The first episode was after American Idol on May 22nd, but it will play the rest of the summer on Monday nights.
  • The Simple Life Goes to Camp (E!): Returned on May 28th.
  • Creature Comforts (CBS): Series Premiere June 4th. Animated.
  • Hell’s Kitchen (FOX): Returns June 4th. If you can take the heat…
  • Big Love (HBO): Returns June 11th.
  • Kyle XY (ABC Family): Returns June 11th. Very good family drama with a sci-fi bent and an interesting mystery behind who Kyle is?
  • Age Of Love (NBC): Series Premiere June 18th. It is The Bachelor with a twist. A 30-something tennis player has two groups of women competing for his affections. One is a group of 20-somethings and the other is a group of 40-somethings. Will age be a factor? Will anyone care?
  • The Closer (TNT): Returns June 18th. Kyra Sedgwick has created one of the most interesting and intriguing characters on TV right now. This is the best the summer has to offer, as the first two seasons were great.
  • Heartland (TNT): Series Premiere June 18th. This drama stars Treat Williams (Everwood) as an organ transplant surgeon. Some have called this Everwood 2.0 without the teenagers. Also stars Kari Matchett (24, Invasion), Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break) and Morena Baccarin (Firefly).
  • Greek (ABC Family): Series Premiere July 9th. A college freshman on the geeky side decides he wants to change things up upon entering college. The same college his older and popular sister attends. He decides to rush a frat. College melodrama ensues.
  • World Series of Pop Culture (VH1): Returns July 9th.
  • Saving Grace (TNT): Series Premiere July 23rd. New drama that stars Holly Hunter as a self-destructive police detective that at a moment of weakness asks for help and an angel offers to help her get back on the right path. Was originally scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th.
  • My Boys (TBS): Returns July 30th. Season two of this fun little comedy about a female sportswriter and her group of male friends. This is one of the best comedies to debut in the last couple of seasons.
  • Californication (Showtime): Series Premiere August 13th.
  • Weeds (Showtime): Returns August 13th.

Tuesday Shows

  • America’s Got Talent (NBC): Returns June 5th.
  • Criss Angel Mindfreak (A&E): Returns June 5th.
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List (Bravo): Returns June 5th.
  • Shaq’s Big Challenge (ABC): Series Premiere June 26th.
  • Eureka (Sci Fi): Returns July 10th. Really enjoyed the first season of this quirky little show. It is like a sci-fi version of Northern Exposure. Read about TVaholic’s recent visit to the set of Eureka and watch a Q&A session with the cast of Eureka.
  • Glutton for Punishment (Food Network): Series Premiere July 10th.
  • The Singing Bee (NBC): Series Premiere July 10th.
  • The Bill Engvall Show (TBS): Series Premiere July 17th. The Blue Collar comedian brings his idea of a half hour comedy.
  • Without Prejudice? (GSN): Seriers Premiere July 17th. Five people open themselves up for examination where a panel of strangers will get to decide which one should get the $25,000 prize.
  • Damages (FX): Series Premiere July 24th. Stars Glenn Close (The Shield).
  • The Biggest Loser (NBC): Returns August 21st.

Wednesday Shows

  • So You Think You Can Dance (FOX): Series Premiered May 23rd.
  • Hidden Palms (The CW): Series Premiere May 30th. Teen drama created by Kevin Williamson, the producer and writer of the Scream movie franchise and Dawson’s Creek.
  • The Next Best Thing: Who Is The Greatest Celebrity Impersonator? (ABC): Series Premiere May 30th. The title is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Traveler (ABC): Series Premiere May 30th. The first episode had a special preview after Grey’s Anatomy a few weeks back, but will replay again to kick off the series on its regular day and time.
  • Footballers Wive$ (BBC America): Returns June 6th.
  • American Inventor (ABC): Returns June 6th.
  • Ghost Hunters (Sci Fi): Returns June 6th.
  • Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne (TBS): Series Premiere June 6th.
  • Last Comic Standing (NBC): Returns June 13th. New host Bill Bellamy (Fastlane).
  • Rescue Me (FX): Returns June 13th.
  • Top Chef (Bravo): Returns June 13th.
  • Lil’ Bush (Comedy Central): Series Premiere June 13th.
  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics (FOX): Series Premiere July 11th.
  • America’s Next Producer (TV Guide Network): Series Premiere July 18th. TV Guide critic Matt Roush is one of the judges as 10 wannabe producers vie for the title. In the first episode they have to produce a comic man on the street segment for Last Call With Carson Daly.

Thursday Shows

  • Pirate Master (CBS): Series Premiere May 31st.
  • The Starter Wife (USA): Series Premiere. May 31st. Stars Debra Messing (Will & Grace) as a woman trying to start her life over after her movie mogul husband divorces her. Based on the Gigi Levangie Grazer bestselling novel.
  • Fast Cars and Superstars – Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race (ABC): Series Premiere June 7th. Celebrities train with professional NASCAR drivers and then race. William Shatner, Tony Hawk and Jewel are among the celebrities. Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch are among the drivers.
  • Burn Notice (USA): Series Premiere June 28th. The story of a spy who gets fired and while trying to lay low and figure out what happened to him, he helps people, A-Team style, fix problems that the authorities can’t help with. Stars Jeffrey Donovan (Touching Evil). Looks and sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Big Brother (CBS): Returns July 5th.
  • Ace of Cakes (Food Network): Returns July 19th.
  • Mad Men (AMC): Series Premiere July 19th. The show is set in the world of 1960s advertising in New York.
  • Who Wants To Be A Superhero? (Sci Fi): Returns July 26th.

Friday Shows

  • Standoff (FOX): Returns June 8th. The cancelled series returns to burn off the remaining episodes.
  • Doctor Who (Sci Fi): Returns July 6th.
  • Monk (USA): Returns July 13th. This is one of my favorite shows.
  • Psych (USA): Returns July 13th. The second season of this very fun show. Episodes got better and better as the first season went on and the cast really started to gel together.
  • Flash Gordon (Sci Fi): Series Premiere August 10th. Read the review.

Saturday Shows

  • Hex (BBC America): Returns June 2nd.
  • Simply Delicioso (Food Network): Series Premiere July 14th.

Sunday Shows

  • Army Wives (Lifetime): Series Premiere June 3rd. This drama stars Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) and Catherine Bell (JAG).
  • The Next Food Network Star (Food Network): Returns June 3rd.
  • John From Cincinnati (HBO): Series Premiere June 10th. New show by David Milch, the producer and writer of Deadwood and before that NYPD Blue, that revolves around surfing enthusiast and his brother who come to California.
  • The Loop (FOX): Returns June 10th. The second season of this cancelled show that was reworked and then never used this past season and is now being burnt off over the summer. Stars Brett Harrison who will be in the upcoming show Reaper on The CW this fall.
  • The 4400 (USA): Returns June 17th. The battle over Promicin continues.
  • The Dead Zone (USA): Returns June 17th. Will Johnny ever figure out how to change the future?
  • Entourage (HBO): Returns June 17th. Season 4.
  • Meadowlands (Showtime): Series Premiere June 17th. This is a drama about a family in the witness protection program trying to get a fresh start, but it is not as easy as you would think.
  • Flight Of The Conchords (HBO): Series Premiere June 17th.
  • American Body Shop (Comedy Central): Series Premiere July 8th.
  • Side Order Of Life (Lifetime): Series Premiere July 15th. Jason Priestly is one of the stars; so that doesn’t bode to well, see Tru Calling and Love Monkey. Read our full review.
  • State Of Mind (Lifetime): Series Premiere July 15th. Read our full review.
  • Design Star (HGTV): Returns July 22nd.
  • Dinner: Impossible (Food Network): Returns July 22nd. Chef Robert Irvine returns with a challenge to feed 200 baseball fans. The show will regularly play on Wednesday nights after tonight’s premiere.
  • The Kill Point (Spike): Series Premiere July 22nd. John Leguizamo (ER) and Donnie Wahlberg (Boomtown) star in this eight-part, nine-hour series about a standoff during a bank heist gone wrong.
  • The Company (TNT): Miniseries Premiere August 5th. This six-hour series will play over three consecutive Sunday nights. It is about the Cold War from the perspective of the CIA and KGB from its beginnings in the early 1950s to its end in 1991.

Other Summer TV Shows

(Not Yet Scheduled)

  • The Frank Show (TBS): Series Premiere.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): Returns Late Summer. Well, it looks like it will be really late summer, like fall actually. It returns Thursday, September 13th.
  • Power Of 10 (CBS): Series Premiere.
  • The Singles Table (NBC): Series Premiere.
  • Slacker Cats (ABC Family): Series Premiere.

Some of the summer shows that are returning that I am looking forward to are The Closer on TNT, The 4400, Monk and Psych on USA, Entourage on HBO, Kyle XY on ABC Family, My Boys on TBS and Eureka on Sci Fi. As for new shows for the summer, I am looking forward to Burn Notice on USA and Heartland and Saving Grace on TNT.

What TV shows look good to you for Summer 2007?

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Updated: July 25th, 2007

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  • T in the OC Jun 2, 2007, 4:24 pm

    LOVED the Starter Wife. Much better than I thought it would be.

  • Jason the TVaholic Jun 2, 2007, 10:42 pm

    T, The Starter Wife was better than I would of originally thought going in. It looked like a fluffy chick drama. But, there is plenty of comedy and Hollywood satire to go with the drama. At any rate, there really isn’t anything else to watch on Thursday nights at the same time.

  • Seth Jun 4, 2007, 11:04 am


    Thanks for blogging about all the TBS and TNT shows premiering over the Summer.

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  • Jason the TVaholic Jun 4, 2007, 12:58 pm

    Seth, Thanks for stopping by. In the dog days of summer there isn’t usaually a whole lot to get excited about on TV for a TVaholic, especially on reality heavy network TV these days. So, when great shows like The Closer and My Boys come along, it is a good thing. Hey, I would of liked to have seen Saved return, but am looking forward to Heartland and Saving Grace.

  • stephanie Jun 6, 2007, 9:28 am

    Okay guys… Listen up! Standoff is a great show. It has a wonderful, talented cast! It has Great plots! GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!!!! It returns this friday at 9!!! WATCH IT!!!!!

  • Jason the TVaholic Jun 7, 2007, 2:05 am

    Stephanie, I liked Standoff, but I don’t think it matters how many people watch these last few episodes get burned off. The show won’t be coming back.

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