Tonight on the Tube: Friday Night Lights, Next Food Network Star, Army Wives & Entourage

Entourage - Season Three, Part 1Tonight is the series premiere of Army Wives on Lifetime and the third season premiere of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. Also, tonight on HBO is the season finale of Entourage. Next week on HBO is the series premiere of John From Cincinnati and the series finale of The Sopranos. Also, next week is the second season premiere of The Loop on FOX. For more summer TV show premiere info, check out the Guide to Summer TV Shows – 2007.

Prime Picks

Hidden Palms (The CW): Repeat. The “Pilot” episode replays. This show premiered last Wednesday. If you missed it, here is your second shot. A new episode plays next Wednesday.

Friday Night Lights (NBC): Repeat. Episodes will be playing in this timeslot every Sunday for the summer. Or, right now NBC has the whole season available for viewing online via streaming video.

Without a Trace (CBS): Repeat. Jack is taken hostage while he is undercover. The woman thinks that he has been sent to kill her.

Solid Selections

Without a Trace (CBS): Repeat. When the son of and interracial couple goes missing, the team investigates whether the kid’s white supremacist father could be behind it.

Supernatural (The CW): Repeat. Part II of the “All Hell Breaks Loose” season finale replays.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): Repeat. Nora goes on a date with guest star Treat Williams (Everwood) and Kitty goes on an awkward double date that she setup.

Cable Choices

Chefography (Food Network): Repeat. See how the career of Rachael Ray got started. Plays again later.

The Next Food Network Star (Food Network): Season Premiere. The two-part competition opener where eleven wannabes made the initial cut and now the real competition begins. Runs two hours and plays again later. Plays five more times over the week, including right before next week’s new episode.

Other Options

  • 2007 MTV Movie Awards (MTV): New. Hosted by Sarah Silverman. Awards for best on screen kiss and other such offbeat categories are honored. Runs two hours. Plays again right after on both MTV and MTV2. Plays six more times over the next week.
  • Army Wives (Lifetime): Series Premiere. The title kind of says it all, as this is the story of a group of Army wives that bond together. Stars Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) and Catherine Bell (JAG). Sounds like they took the part of the CBS show The Unit that takes place with the women at home and turned it into a whole show. Runs 54 minutes, but plays again right after and again later for a total of three times tonight.
  • Entourage (HBO): Season Finale. The guys are giving E a hard time for staying with Sloan. Drama is flipping out over a condo. A director for Medellin is approached. Season four begins in two weeks.
  • The Shield (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Recoil,” replays. Runs 70 minutes.
  • The Sopranos (HBO): New. Allegiances are tested. Next week is the series finale.
  • Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (History Channel): Repeat. A bit slow moving, but pretty interesting. Runs two hours.
  • Write & Wrong (Lifetime): Released 2007. Kirstie Alley (Fat Actress, Cheers) stars as a middle-aged screenwriter that is having trouble getting work. So, she gets her young nephew to be the face of her writing. Comedy then ensues. Runs two hours.

Sports Notes

  • CBS has golf coverage with the final round of the Memorial Tournament.
  • ESPN has two NCAA Tournament college softball games and then later Sunday Night Baseball with the New York Yankees at the Boston Red Sox.
  • ESPN2 has two NCAA Tournament college softball games.
  • FOX has NASCAR racing with the Nextel Cup: Dover 400.
  • NBC has French Open tennis coverage and then LPGA golf.

Late Night

  • The Riches (FX): Repeat. Last Monday’s episode, “It’s A Wonderful Lie,” replays. Runs 70 minutes. Season finale is tomorrow night.
  • The Starter Wife (USA): Repeat. The two-hour series premiere replays.

TV Marathons

BBC America has nine episodes of Footballer$ Wives.
BET has 14 episodes of College Hill.
Cartoon Network has 32 episodes of Pokemon.
Comedy Central goes Blue Collar tonight.
Court TV has five episodes of Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege & Justice.
Discovery Channel has 9 episodes of Deadliest Catch, with the last four playing again right after.
Food Network is all about Grillin’ and Chillin’ again today.
MTV has 12 episodes of America’s Next Top Model leading up to the 2007 MTV Movie Awards coverage.
Sci Fi has the four-part eight-hour Stephen King’s The Stand today.
SOAPnet has last week’s five episodes of One Life to Live, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.
Spike has eight episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
Style has 13 episodes of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
TLC has six episodes of Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic.
Travel Channel has 12 episodes of Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown.
Women’s Entertainment has 18 episodes of Bridezillas.

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