Tonight on the Tube: Sci Fi Eureka Marathon, On the Lot & Veronica Mars

Eureka - Season OneTonight is the series premiere of Shaq’s Big Challenge on ABC. Today you will also find Sci Fi Channel replaying the entire first season of Eureka. Today is also the day that the TVaholic will be touring the Eureka set, including a Q&A session with cast and crew in the “Global Dynamics Rotunda.” Although, I think the most fun will be seeing the “Smart House” set up close and some of its gadgets demonstrated.

Prime Picks

On the Lot (FOX): New. One gets voted off and six of the already safe present their latest short films.

Veronica Mars (The CW): Repeat. Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me) guest stars as a woman who wants Keith, played by Enrico Colantoni (who was also on Just Shoot Me), to find out if her husband is cheating on her.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat. Emily VanCamp (Brothers & Sisters, Everwood) guests on this episode as the daughter of a mob attorney who was attacked.

Solid Selections

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. Some missing chemical weapons may have gotten into the hands of a wanted terrorist and the team sets out to stop him.

House (FOX): Repeat. House in the middle of his own legal troubles takes the bickering parents of a young patient to court because they can’t agree on a course of treatment for her.

Primetime (ABC): New. ABC news investigative reporting.

Cable Choices

Eureka (Sci Fi): Repeats. The last two episodes of today’s Eureka marathon are the best choice in primetime on cable tonight. If you missed this show the first time around, then set your TiVo and record the entire thing, so you will be ready for the premiere on July 10th of season two. This is one of my favorite shows to hit the tube in the last year. I call it Northern Exposure with a sci-fi mystery twist.

Ace of Cakes (Food Network): Repeat. A zoo themed cake is made. Plays again later.
Throwdown With Bobby Flay (Food Network): Repeat. The battle of the buffalo wing is waged. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • America’s Got Talent (NBC): New. Two hours of The Hoff and the rest judging talent in New York City.
  • BET Awards ’07 (BET): New. Awards for achievement in entertainment, music and sports are handed out. Runs three hours.
  • Shaq’s Big Challenge (ABC): Series Premiere. Shaquille O’Neal sets out with some expert help to get some overweight kids living healthier lives.
  • The Unit (CBS): Repeat. The team runs into trouble while protecting an international figure at the U.N.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has coverage of Wimbledon early.

Late Night

  • Painkiller Jane (Sci Fi): Repeat. Last Friday’s episode, “Portraits of Lauren Gray,” replay where Jane and Maureen go undercover as models.

TV Marathons

Discovery Channel has 13 episodes of Dirty Jobs.
Sci Fi plays the entire 12-episode first season of Eureka.

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