Tonight on the Tube: Jericho Replay, Monk and Psych Premieres & Paula’s Party

Psych - The Complete First SeasonIf you missed Kyle XY Monday on ABC Family and were hoping to catch it tonight, then you are going to be disappointed. ABC has pulled the repurposed episodes. Tonight you will find a replay of the new ABC Family show Greek, which also replays tonight on ABC Family. Then next week National Bingo Night will be back. Also, if you were hoping to catch the last two filmed episodes of Drive on FOX tonight, you too will be disappointed. FOX has decided not to air them on the network. You can however, watch Kyle XY online at the ABC Family website. As for Drive, you will be able to find the last two episodes online starting Monday, July 16th at

Prime Picks

Jericho (CBS): Repeats. Tonight, in the first hour of primetime they will be replaying the catch you up clip show that recaps the first 11 episodes. Then episode 12, “Black Jack,” replays. The rest of the season will play over the next 10 weeks. If you would actually like to watch the first 11 episodes, the whole season is available to watch online at the CBS website. Also, the “Pilot” episode is available as a free download at iTunes.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. The badge of a long presumed dead LAPD officer turns up at a construction site and the team reopens the case.

Solid Selections

Bones (FOX): Repeat. A federal prosecutor’s remains are found and the team investigates.

Standoff (FOX): New. Inmates at a juvenile detention center take a group of guards as hostages and the team is called in to negotiate.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Repeat. A judge sentences a rap star and days later his son is found dead.

Cable Choices

Good Eats (Food Network): Repeat. Alton cooks up some corned beef.
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (Food Network): Repeat. Italian places are featured.

Monk (USA): Season Premiere. Someone is a huge fan of Monk and they get accused of murder with Sarah Silverman guest starring. Plays again later.

Psych (USA): Season Premiere. Shawn and Gus go undercover at auditions for a signing show while they are investigating the previous attempts on one of the judge’s life. Plays again later. This is one of my favorite shows to debut in the last year. They two leads really developed a great chemistry and the episodes got a lot stronger as the season went on.

Other Options

  • Doctor Who (Sci Fi): New. The Doctor and Martha get caught up in a witch’s spell.
  • Las Vegas (NBC): Repeat. Delinda is kidnapped and the guys only have 12 hours to get her back.
  • Painkiller Jane (Sci Fi): New. A Neuro doesn’t like what his friends are doing with the powers he gave them. Plays again later.
  • Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Paula gets a little help in the kitchen from Atlanta Brave’s pitcher Tim Hudson. Plays again later.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. A hairstylist that could use one of her own gets some new clothes. Plays again later. TLC is having a marathon today.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights.
  • Versus has Stage 6 of the Tour de France multiple times over the day.

TV Marathons

Sci Fi has eight episodes of the recent CBS remake of Night Stalker.
TLC has 12 episodes of What Not to Wear with the last one being a new episode.
USA is playing Monk and Psych episodes most of the day starting early.

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