NBC’s Fall 2007 Primetime Preview

Last year’s preview show featured the cast of The Office and made for a fun intro to the new fall season. This year they went with your standard cast interviews and show promos with host Greg Grunberg (Heroes). While not as clever as last year, it still gives you a good look at the new shows coming this fall to NBC.

This is NBC’s Primetime Preview that will play on the network at some point, but has been broken up into two to four minute segments for your online viewing pleasure.

NBC Primetime Preview – Act 1

This part features Greg Grunberg talking with Kevin McKidd (Rome), Moon Bloodgood (Day Break) and Gretchen Egolf (Martial Law) from the show Journeyman, which will follow his show Heroes on Monday nights, along with a promo for the show.

NBC Primetime Preview – Act 2

This part is broken up in to three segments. The first segment features a promo for season two of Heroes.

The second segment is a promo for the new show Life, about a cop that was wrongly convicted and set free 12 years later that rejoins the force to find out who set him up all those years ago. Greg talks with one of the stars, Sarah Shahi (The L Word, Teachers) and you also hear from star, Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers). They say in the piece that the show is Monk meets House meets Moonlighting. If that is actually true, then this could be my new favorite show, cause all three of those are great and Moonlighting is one of the TVaholic’s all-time favorites.

In the third segment, we get a preview of Thursday Night Comedy Done Right with a promo for My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office and Scrubs. Greg also talks with Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey from The Office.

NBC Primetime Preview – Act 3

This part gets put into two segments, with the first being a promo for the new Bionic Woman. Greg interviews star Michelle Ryan (EastEnders). I really liked what I saw in the original promo trailer for the show, but they have completely reworked the show since then. I hope it was for the better, as this promo doesn’t quite deliver the emotional punch the first incarnation did.

In segment two of Act 3, we get a look at the upcoming Chuck. Wow, that may not have been the best way to put that. Anyway, Greg talks with the stars of the show, Zach Levi (Less Than Perfect), Joshua Gomez (Without a Trace) and Yvonne Strahovski.

NBC Primetime Preview – Act 4

In the final part, we get a look at Sunday Night Football and an overview of NBC’s entire fall season for each night of the week.

My question after watching the NBC Primetime Preview is, is Greg Grunberg the ultimate fanboy homer or are these shows really that good? All four of NBC’s new shows, Chuck, Journeyman, Bionic Woman and Life, all look really good, but that is what promos are for. The TVaholic is looking forward to finding out if they really are. How about you? Which of NBC’s new shows are you most looking forward to seeing this fall?

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