TVaholic Turns Two Today

Well, the TVaholic is a bit older, but the site,, has turned two today. It was two years ago that the first post went live on the site. There has been a lot of fun had, tv shows watched and posts written over the past year, since the site’s first birthday.

Some Happenings From the Last Year at TVaholic

  • The consecutive daily posting streak of Tonight on the Tube came to an end at 466, when a huge windstorm blew through Western Washington and left me without power for a week, back in December 2006. The new streak stands at 240 as of this morning.
  • Changed the tagline from, “The first step is admitting that you have a… Oh Wait! The commercials are over” to “Helping You Find the Prime in Primetime.” Which, I think accurately describes what TVaholic provides. Help in finding the good stuff each night on TV, or at least the best the night has to offer.
  • Lifetime sent the TVaholic his first review screener for their new show Side Order of Life. Since, others have been received, like Damages on FX and Flash Gordon on Sci Fi Channel. If you are reading this and happen to be a publicist for a TV show or network, you can find where to send screeners and show information on the Contact Info page. We thank you in advance for your consideration.
  • Sci Fi Channel invited the TVaholic to tour the sets of Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Flash Gordon and Stargate Atlantis up in Vancouver, B.C. for what was billed, the Sci Fi Channel Digital Press Tour. It took place at the end of June 2007. Being just a 2½ hour car ride away, not including time spent at the border crossing, and that I was already going to be on vacation from my job at the time, this trip was a no-brainer. Check out the photo gallery for some great shots from the set tours. Also, take a look at the video player for Q&A sessions with the cast members from each show that took place on the set of each show.
  • Put together a Printable Fall 2007 Primetime TV Schedule (PDF) for subscribers to TVaholic. It all fits on one page, in daily grid format. So, you can find out which shows play on which nights, when they premiere and what they are up against in each hour of primetime. Want one? All you need to do is subscribe via email to TVaholic and you will find a link marked Free Subscriber Download at the bottom of the first post, once you have verified your subscription. Or, for those who prefer RSS, you can grab the feed and subscribe that way as well.
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2007 TV Schedule was posted recently. There you can find links to video previews, new and returning show information, premiere dates and more.

Some TVaholic Site Stats

Total Posts: 992 including this one (483 over this past year)
Total Comments: 174 (142 over this past year)

Three Most Viewed Posts:

The TVaholic’s Three Favorite Posts:

Goals for the Coming Year at TVaholic

  • Continue to Grow the Subscriber Base – Why become a subscriber, besides the free printable TV schedule? Well, easy access to all the great content here at TVaholic, either via your feed reader or via email, which includes Tonight on the Tube. It is a daily post featuring news and info relevant to that day or shows on that night, where you will find picks for what to watch, reminders of show premieres and finales, listings of TV marathons, commentary, mini reviews and more.
  • Comment More on Others Sites/Grow Comments Here – This was on here last year as well. I have done a better job at times commenting on things out in the blogosphere, but I still don’t do it enough. As for comments here on TVaholic, there were almost five times more than the first year, but really not that many. It has picked up over the summer though on some of the reviews.
  • Write More Reviews – This one might actually help out with the previous goal.
  • Conduct and Post More Interviews – TVaholic has been a part of some conference calls and group Q&As, but would like to bring more of them to you, as well as, individual interviews in the coming year.

Here’s to an even bigger and better third year!

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