Where Can I Find a Printable Fall TV Schedule?

Where can I find a Printable Fall TV Schedule?
Well, right here at TVaholic.com. The question of a printable TV schedule hasn’t been asked of the TVaholic, explicitly. But, many a web searcher has ended up here after searching for a “printable fall TV schedule” in their favorite search engine. Hopefully, soon they will find this page when they do.

What will the Printable TV Schedule tell me about the upcoming fall season?
You will be able to get a complete look at the upcoming Fall 2007 TV Schedule, all on one page, in an easy to read grid format, for each day’s three-hour primetime block, complete with premiere dates. Also, new shows are easily identified, as are returning shows in new timeslots.

How can I get my hands on the Printable Schedule?
It’s easy. Just subscribe to TVaholic via email. You will be sent an email to verify your subscription and once you do, the next morning you will receive your first email. Look for Free Subscriber Download at the bottom and click the Printable Fall 2007 TV Schedule (PDF) link. You will need Acrobat Reader to view, save and print the TV schedule.

Why should I become a TVaholic subscriber?
Well, besides the spiffy Printable Fall TV Schedule, you will get a daily digest of all the great content here at TVaholic, like:

  • Tonight on the Tube, which is a daily reminder of TV show premieres, finales and specials, picks for what is worth watching each night, listing of TV show marathons and news & notes from the world of TV.
  • What new TV shows on DVD are released each Tuesday.
  • Reviews, interviews, commentary, Ask the TVaholic and more.
  • And, as the TV landscape begins to change, the printable schedule will be updated. So, keep an eye on the download link. When there is a new version, it will be marked Newly Updated: MM.DD.YYYY. That way you’ll always be up-to-date as shows move, are cancelled or new shows begin.

Update 12.17.2007: The Printable Midseason 2007-08 TV Schedule is now available. So, if you are already a subscriber, then just check the bottom of your next email. If not, then sign-up already.

Update 8.07.2008: The printable schedules are always being updated and you can get to them by following the information above in this post. So, subscribe today and get free daily updates for what is worth watching on TV and access to the Printable Fall 2008 TV Schedule. Also, a cable version is in the works for this fall as well.

Update 7.05.2009: Find out how to get the Printable Fall 2009 TV Schedule.

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