Review: Stargate Atlantis – Season Four Premiere on Sci Fi Channel

Show: Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi)
Episode: “Adrift” – Season Premiere (Season 4)
Premiere Date: Friday, September 28th, 2007
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Power drain, very little time, collapsing shields and asteroid fields.

Long Synopsis: Picks up right where the season three finale left off. Atlantis having been grazed by the beam is now starting to lose power. Dr. McKay, played by David Hewlett, works to turn off all non-essential power, but it can’t be done from the control room. As power levels continue to drop, Atlantis starts collapsing the protective shield to save power. The protective shield is brought all the way in and is only protecting the main tower. This leaves most of the city exposed to space and their current path will take them through the edge of an asteroid field.

Lt. Col. Sheppard, played by Joe Flanigan, gathers all those with the gene to fly the jumpers into the field and shoot a path through. Most having no real jumper time makes this a desperate measure. The mission turns out mostly successful, but some damage still occurs. With the current power leakage, they only have a short time to make repairs and still have enough power and make it to a nearby inhabitable planet.

Meanwhile, Dr Keller, played by Jewel Staite (Firefly), is working to save Weir. She may live, but will never be the same until a potentially dangerous idea to save her is conceived.

Not having completed the repairs in time, a new plan is hatched, but you will have to tune in next week to see if it works out.

Review: Stargate Atlantis is a whole lot of fun, with solid action and intermittent comic relief that leaves the TVaholic wondering why he hasn’t been watching this show all along. Used to watch Stargate SG-1 back in its Showtime days, but hadn’t followed it much since then. When Stargate Atlantis was spun off, it never grabbed my attention, until deciding to watch the season three finale last June.

This episode, “Adrift,” is the second act of a three-act story. The first being the season three finale, “First Strike,” and the third being next week’s “Lifeline.”

For fans of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis looking forward to the arrival of the character of Col. Samantha Carter, played by Amanda Tapping, she makes a couple of brief appearances. Carter appears more in next week’s episode, as she searches for the missing Atlantis. In the third episode of the season, “Reunion,” she will finally arrive on Atlantis.

One of the best things about the show is its humor. The writers do a really good job of tossing in lines at just the right time and they are delivered quite well by the actors. One of the best lines comes during a space walk in the second half of the episode, as Sheppard and another have to take a space walk to make repairs.

The pace really keeps you interested. Just when it looks like things are on the upswing, another problem arises that needs attention. The writers really put together an exciting season opener. Longtime fans of the show, I am sure, won’t be disappointed. But, as a newcomer, it also was pretty easy to come in and enjoy it as well, while not really feeling lost. This is a real accomplishment, since the show has three seasons of back-story and character development.

What did you think of the season four premiere of Stargate Atlantis?

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