‘Twas the Week Before Christmas – 2007

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through TV land,
Many shows were in repeats, leaving the schedule quite bland,
The remotes were sitting quietly next to the TV gear,
Normally we’d be excited about shows coming in the New Year,

But, TV writers were on strike, having put their pencils down,
Leaving the TVaholic dismayed and wearing a big ole frown.
The WGA and the AMPTP were fighting over our money,
Yet, the lack of new episodes being written was not funny,

The main problem was new media distribution pay,
The writers didn’t want to get screwed in the same way,
As they did over home video residuals in the past,
They wanted a fair share and to be writing for their show’s cast,

The networks were starting to fill the air with reality crap,
The prospect of such made me want to take a nap,
Why were they thinking about just riding this out,
This whole mess was making TV fans begin to pout,

The tactics from both sides were starting to get old,
We were not advocating for one side to fold,
But, there needed to be a happy medium reached,
Before the quality of our TV had been leached,
It looked like the strike would last into 2008,
But, that was enough talk about the TV industries fate,

So, what was on TV leading up to the big holiday,
Well, ABC had a week long Duel on the way,
That wasn’t it, as NBC tried something new,
They had Clash of the Choirs on their menu,
Neither of these new shows got us excited,
It just left our love of scripted shows unrequited,

NBC also had the finale of the show Journeyman,
This was a great show and the TVaholic was a fan,
It didn’t look good for its chances of renewal,
The producers of this should be given a new call,
And be told we want more traveling through time,
Cause the show was just really hitting its prime,

Christmas was on Tuesday if you could believe,
A bunch of repeats the networks would weave,
After a morning of gifts I could then report,
That my Seattle Supersonics would be hitting the court,
They were the third game of the day on ESPN,
Earlier on ABC, four other teams were trying to win,

But, if you liked Christmas movie classics don’t worry,
As TBS had 24 hours of A Christmas Story,
It started playing the night before on Christmas Eve,
And played 12 times before it would leave,

There were a lot of other Christmas Day TV marathons,
As Horatio, Grissom and Jordan would be tracking down cons,
Det. Rush and the Law & Order detectives would join in too,
That was just five of the shows that played on cable for you,

Once again our thoughts turned to the calendar change,
A few new shows and some returning ones were almost in range,
ABC had Cashmere Mafia, Eli Stone, and Lost for a moment,
NBC had Lipstick Jungle and Law & Order: Criminal Intent,
FOX had the return of ratings champ American Idol,
The Sarah Connor Chronicles that added Terminator to its title,
And New Amsterdam that was moved from the fall,
And the TVaholic was looking forward to watching them all.

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