Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for the TVaholic on Your List

If you are like me, then you have waited to the last minute to finish your shopping and you still have a couple of people left on your list. Well, are they a big TV fan? Do they have a favorite show they are always talking about? Do they have an ever-growing TV on DVD library? If any of those describes them, then these ideas may be of help to you. If they don’t, then just take these ideas and substitute “avid reader,” “movie aficionado,” “music fan,” or whatever else it is they love and voilà, they will still be of help to you.

So, here are a few last minute Christmas gift ideas that you can still get right up until the wrapping paper starts to fly, without even needing to leave the house. Cause, no one should be doing their last minute shopping at a gas station like Chandler and Joey. There will be no gifting of new car smell, toilet seat covers or cola drinks this year.

  • Gift Certificates – Don’t they sell audio books? What does that have to do with TV? Well, the TVaholic is glad you asked. Thanks to a tip from the TV addict, I now know they also have some cool audio recordings of interviews and discussions with the casts of some great TV shows like 24, 30 Rock, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter and Lost that were recorded at The Paley Center for Media (formerly, The Museum for Television & Radio). These are also available at iTunes.
  • Gift Certificates – You can print out a certificate to give in person or have it sent via email. Then the TVaholic on your list can purchase just what they want. Whether it is TV shows on DVD, books about TV, soundtracks, downloads at Amazon Unbox, or anything else, they will be very happy with your gift. Printing the certificate out and giving it with a nice note or card is a great way to solve that last minute gift problem.
  • iTunes Gift Certificates – Give them the gift of TV shows on their iPod. They can find hundreds of shows available on iTunes, as it is more than just music. But, if they like that as well, there are plenty of great TV show soundtracks available for their listening pleasure. The Paley Center audios mentioned above are also available here. You can print out the gift certificates or email them.
  • Magazine Subscriptions – There are many TV related magazines to choose from, like Entertainment Weekly, Everyday With Rachael Ray, Lost, Nickelodeon, O, Sci Fi, Smallville, TV Guide, TV Guide Crosswords and more. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long, or however long it is you subscribe.
  • Netflix Gift Subscription – Hey, don’t they do movies? Yes they do, but they also have pretty much every TV show that gets released on DVD available, as well. It is perfect for catching up on shows they have missed or ones they want to reacquaint themselves with again but without having to buy every TV on DVD boxed set that comes out. This includes many of the classic and newly classic British TV show hits like Coupling, The Office and more that they have heard of, but have yet to see. You can print the gift certificate or send it via email.

Well, there they are. Five ideas to finish off that Christmas gift list at the last minute. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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