Tonight on the Tube: Friday Night Lights, Women’s Murder Club, Flash Gordon & Stargate Atlantis

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News & Notes

On the networks, ABC has the season finale of Women’s Murder Club and NBC has the season premiere of 1 vs. 100.

Over on cable, Lifetime has the series premieres of How to Look Good Naked, Matched in Manhattan and Top This Party, Sci Fi has the winter premieres of Flash Gordon and Stargate Atlantis, Spike TV has the season premiere of World’s Most Amazing Videos, and WE has the series premiere of Ugliest House on the Block.

Amazon looks to be still running their Buy One TV DVD, Get One Free deal, which includes season sets of Newsradio, Rescue Me, Seinfeld and many others. The TVaholic’s season four and eight of Seinfeld arrived yesterday. They will make for some good viewing should the writers’ strike continue on for too long.

Looking forward to the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but just can’t wait for the premiere that is a week away? Well, now you don’t have to wait. Starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. PT, you can head over to Yahoo TV and watch the first episode online.

Prime Picks

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. The season four premiere episode, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” replays. Next Thursday, the 11th and final episodes completed before the writers’ strike airs.

Friday Night Lights (NBC): New. A tornado hits Dillon County and destroys a rival high school. Things are getting tense between Landry and Tyra. Riggins is living with Coach Taylor and his family and Julie and Tami try to adjust to the situation. It looks like there are five more episodes remaining after tonight.

Las Vegas (NBC): New. Danny and Mike are off to buy a horse in Wyoming. Delinda is trying to find a new chef. Haven’t been able to nail it down, but it looks like there are between two and seven more episodes after tonight.

Solid Selections

Bones (FOX): Repeat. The “The Boneless Bride in the River” episode from last season replays. The first hour of primetime on Fridays will be the show’s new timeslot. Repeats will play until February 22nd when the remaining three episodes are scheduled to begin playing with the premiere of New Amsterdam.

Women’s Murder Club (ABC): Season Finale. This is the 10th and last episode completed before the writers’ strike began, thus making it the first season finale. The case of a decapitated wine broker is investigated.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. The season premiere, “Trust Metric,” replays, where the team has to figure out if the can trust Granger. The first of the two remaining completed episodes plays next week.

Cable Choices

Flash Gordon (Sci Fi): Winter Premiere. Aura learns that she has a brother, who just happens to be the leader of the Deviates. Plays again later.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi): Repeat. The fall finale, “This Mortal Coil,” replays, where a drone of mysterious origins crashes into Atlantis. This is part one of a two-part episode, which continues next with the winter premiere. The first nine episodes of the season replay leading up to Flash Gordon.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi): Winter Premiere. The Atlantis team has the ability to track Replicator ships and begins doing so. Plays again later. The first 10 episodes of the season replay today. Check out a clip of tonight’s episode (if you are reading this via RSS or email, you may need to visit the site to play the video):

Other Options

  • Moonlight (CBS): Repeat. The third episode of the season, “Doctor Feelgood,” replays, where Mick is trying to track down a out of control vampire. Looks like they have two episodes remaining and they begin playing next week.
  • Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Maureen “Marcia Brady” McCormick and former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis join Paula in her kitchen. Plays again later.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. Clinton and Stacy take a look back at some of the worst offenders and their transformations. Plays again later.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has a NBA doubleheader with the Detroit Pistons at the Toronto Raptors followed by the Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks.
  • ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights with a super middleweight bout schedule for 10 rounds.

TV Marathons

A&E has five episodes of CSI: Miami tonight.
Bravo has 11½ hours of Last Comic Standing episodes.
MTV has 19 episodes of The Hills early followed by five hours of Sweet 16 Blingest Bash Countdown.
Sci Fi has 12 episodes of Stargate Atlantis, which includes the first nine episodes of this season.
USA has 10 hours of Psych episodes from season one beginning early.
VH1 has America’s Next Top Model episodes all day.

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