Tonight on the Tube: Without a Trace, ER, MythBusters & American Chopper

News & Notes

American Chopper At Full Throttle BookTonight, CBS has the season finale of Without a Trace and NBC has the season finale of ER. On cable, MTV has the season finale of Run’s House and TLC has the season premiere of American Chopper.

Prime Picks

My Name Is Earl (NBC): Repeat. The “The Gangs of Camden County” episode from earlier this past season replays, where the warden, guest star Craig T. Nelson (The District, Coach), asks Earl to help him out with a prison gang problem.
The Office (NBC): Repeat. Part one of the “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” episode replays, where Ryan wants to bring the company up-to-date technology wise. This is half of one of the hour long episodes from the beginning of this season.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. Episode six from this season, “Kung Fu Fighting,” replays, where the chief wants to have a gentlemen’s night and Cristina and Izzie are competing for the same surgeries.

Without a Trace (CBS): Season Finale. A woman goes missing and the team tries to figure out whether it is linked to a antiwar group or her ailing veteran father.

Solid Selections

Smallville (The CW): Repeat. The “Wrath” episode replays, where Lana ends up with Clark’s powers and she uses them to get evidence on Lex. There are at least four remaining episodes and they begin playing on the January 31st.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Repeat. Episode three from this season, “Go To Hell,” replays, where the team is investigating the case of a murdered family that left one daughter untouched, but she says she is possessed.

ER (NBC): Season Finale. Pratt starts to cool when Bettina wants to get serious. Neela decides to join a hockey team. And, a prison doctor comes into the ER.

Cable Choices

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): Repeat. The season premiere episode from last night replays. It is part one of a two-part episode, where the guys tests out the gadgets, getaways and guns from the James Bond movies. Plays again later.

American Chopper (TLC): Season Premiere. The fifth season kicks off with part one of a bike build for the National Guard. Plays again later.

Ace of Cakes (Food Network): Repeat. Duff and the gang build a cake for the Super Bowl. Replays again later.

Other Options

  • Friends (TBS): Repeats. Two episodes from season one replay. First up is “The One With Mrs. Bing” and the second is “The One With a Dozen Lasagnas.”

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has a college basketball doubleheader with Vanderbilt at Tennessee followed by Indiana at Minnesota.
  • ESPN2 has Australian Open tennis coverage with a Marquette at Louisville college basketball game in the middle.
  • TNT has a NBA doubleheader with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the San Antonio Spurs followed by the Phoenix Suns at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Late Night

  • Psych (USA): Repeat. Last Friday’s winter premiere episode, “There’s Something About Mira,” replays.

TV Marathons

MTV has 12 episodes of Run’s House tonight.
Oxygen has 10 episodes of Roseanne early.
Sci Fi has eight episodes of Threshold early, with the first four episodes being the four that never made it to air on CBS before they cancelled it.

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