When Will My Favorite CBS Shows Return Post Writers’ Strike?

Download Moonlight Episodes at Amazon UnboxCBS has announced return dates and the number of episodes we can expect once they do.

CBS Shows Returning With New Episodes This Spring

  • The Big Bang Theory will return on March 17th with nine new episodes.
  • Cold Case returns March 30th with five new episodes.
  • Criminal Minds start up again on April 2nd with seven new episodes.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns April 3rd and will have six new episodes.
  • CSI: Miami is back as of March 24th with eight new episodes.
  • CSI: NY returns April 2nd with seven new episodes.
  • Ghost Whisperer will return on April 4th and have six new episodes.
  • How I Met Your Mother returns March 17th with nine new episodes.
  • Moonlight will return as of April 11th with four new episodes.
  • NCIS is back on April 8th with seven new episodes.
  • Numb3rs recalculates as of April 4th with six new episodes.
  • Rules of Engagement returns April 14th with six new episodes.
  • Shark will be back with four new episodes at some point. Update 3.25.2008: Will be back as of Tuesday, Apirl 29th.
  • Two and a Half Men returns March 17th with nine new episodes.
  • Without a Trace will be found on April 3rd with six new episodes.

CBS Shows Designated as on Hiatus

  • Cane
  • The Unit

What CBS shows will you be most glad to see returning to your TV?

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