When Will My Favorite Shows on The CW Return Post Writers’ Strike?

Download Gossip Girl Episodes at Amazon UnboxThe CW has announced return dates and the number of episodes we can expect once they do.

The CW Shows Returning With New Episodes This Spring

  • Aliens in America has eight pre-strike episodes remaining and they will begin airing as of March 2nd.
  • Everybody Hates Chris has 12 remaining episodes filmed before the strike that will begin airing on March 2nd.
  • The Game returns on March 23rd with nine new episodes.
  • Gossip Girl will return on April 21st with five new episodes.
  • One Tree Hill has five pre-strike episodes remaining that will continue to air, but will extend its season with an additional six episodes that will begin on playing on April 14th.
  • Reaper has three remaining episodes that will air after Smallville in March and will return with five new episodes beginning April 22nd.
  • Smallville has three pre-strike episodes that will air in March 13th and then have five more new episodes beginning on April 17th.
  • Supernatural has one remaining pre-strike episode that will air this week and will return on April 24th with four new episodes.

The CW Shows That Will Be No More

  • Girlfriends has been cancelled, but may have some sort of clip show send off in the future.
  • Life is Wild has not been officially cancelled, but will not produce more episodes this season.

What shows on The CW will you be glad to see returning to your TV?

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