How Did the Top 12 Girls Do? – American Idol Season 7

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesWell, not much better than the boys. Again, there were a few really good performances, but there were no truly great performances, although one came close. The “Wow!” has yet to enter the building. After hearing all the performances, am really starting to question the best top 24 ever comments. Unfortunately, all the talent of which they speak didn’t turn out to be in the girls half of the top 24 either, as of yet. There still hasn’t been a performance worthy of downloading at iTunes.

The girls were also singing songs from the 60s and, again, it was interesting to see what they selected and how they decided to sing them.

Here’s how the TVaholic would rank last night’s Top 12 Girls:

  1. Syesha Mercado – The closest thing we got to a “Wow!” performance last night. She was definitely the best of the night. Randy “really liked it.” Paula told her “way to go” and said that she is the most “consistent” performer on the girls’ side. Simon thought it was “terrific” and said that she is “one of the most talented girls in the competition.”
  2. Alexandrea Lushington – Randy said, “it was hot.” Paula thought that she showed “more confidence” than the rest of the girl to that point, which was seventh. Simon “didn’t think the vocals were great.” She started out great then fell off a bit in the middle, but brought it back strong at the end. It was one of the most upbeat and fun performances of the night.
  3. Alaina Whitaker – Randy thought she had it “going on.” Paula thought she “nailed it.” Simon said, “I think you’re really good.” It was really good.
  4. Ramiele Malubay – Randy thought is was “very classy” and “hot.” Paula thinks she is a “force to be reckoned with.” Simon thought she “out sung” everyone up to that point, which was high praise seeing that she was the tenth one to take the stage. The vocal was very good, but the performance felt too slow.
  5. Asia’h Epperson – Randy was “impressed.” Paula thought she “had some really great moments.” She was Simon’s “favorite of the night” at the time she went, which was ninth. It was a really good performance.
  6. Carly Smithson – Randy must of lost his mind, because he thought her performances was the “best vocal of the top 24.” Paula thought she sounded “beautiful.” Simon “didn’t get it.” He thought it was “way too old-fashioned” and that performance “was a letdown.” The vocal may have been really good, but the performance was boring. It wasn’t a good way to end the night, as she went last.
  7. Amanda Overmeyer – Or, should we call her over-singer? It was just way too much. Randy said, “I like it.” Paula thought she is the “real deal” and loved “every bit of it.” Simon said, “I really like you.” It was pretty good, but I would have to agree with Simon’s comments on not really understanding what she was doing up there with the song. That may be the way it is supposed to sound, but it didn’t sound all that good, so that is not a good thing.
  8. Brooke White – Randy thought she “kinda worked it out.” Paula thought she “did a great job.” Simon thought she “sang it quite well.” It was a pretty good performance.
  9. Kady Malloy – Randy thought she was too “restrained” and that is was just “okay.” Paula wanted “to see the fun Kady.” Simon thought her performance was like “night of the living dead.” He was right, as her vocal was close to great, but the performance as a whole was quite boring.
  10. Joanne Borgella – Randy thought she was “pretty good.” Paula “liked it,” but “didn’t love it.” Simon “didn’t like it at all.” It was just okay.
  11. Kristy Lee Cook – The flu and bronchitis may have done her in. This was not a good way to start off the night. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she will be getting her horse back anytime soon. Randy thought it “wasn’t your best performance.” Paula thought she “did a good job.” Simon thought it was “robotic” and that there was nothing “to grab hold of” in her performance. It was just okay.
  12. Amy Davis – She was the fifth to sing, but was the worst of the night. She started out the song off and never recovered. Randy “didn’t think it was great.” Paula said, “The camera loves you,” which means you sucked, but I need to say something positive. Although, she did finally say that is was a “lackluster” performance. Simon thought is was “very boring.” It was not good.

So, the TVaholic would send Amy Davis and Kristy Lee Cook home after last night’s performances from the top 12 girls on Season 7 of American Idol. But, the horse story and the bronchitis could give Cook enough sympathy votes to keep her in this for another week and that would leave Joanne Borgella very vulnerable this week.

How did you think the top 12 girls did last night? Who is your favorite? Who do you think will be going home? Leave your picks in the comments.

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