When Will My Favorite FOX Shows Return Post Writers’ Strike?

Download House Episodes at Amazon UnboxA few FOX shows will be back with new episodes for April and May, one won’t return until next January, a couple are still yet to be determined and one probably won’t return at all. Episode counts below are not official, as FOX only announced return dates.

FOX Shows Returning With New Episodes This Spring

  • Back to You to you has two pre-strike episodes remaining that will air on February 26th and 27th and will return with, as many as eight, new episodes on April 16th.
  • Bones has four pre-strike episode left and it looks like they will add two more and they will all begin airing as of Monday, April 14th.
  • House is looking at four new episodes to air on Mondays starting April 28th.
  • ‘Til Death has one pre-strike episode left for March 25th and returns with new episodes as of April 16th.

FOX Shows Resuming Production

  • 24 will be back in January 2009
  • American Dad
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons

FOX Shows With Fates Yet To Be Determined Officially

  • K-Ville may be dead, especially if the rumor that Anthony Anderson will replace the departing Jesse L. Martin on NBC’s Law & Order is true.
  • Prison Break will hopefully escape cancellation. I want to see Michael go after Gretchen and The Company. Update 3.25.2008: FOX announced the show will be back for a fourth season with an order of 22 episodes.

Can’t believe it will be another year before we get more Jack Bauer. Hope that Prison Break will be back. Looking forward to Bones and House on Mondays.

What about you? What returning FOX show are you looking forward to most?

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