Has Jericho Been Cancelled, Again? And Other TV Related Questions

Download Jericho Episodes at Amazon UnboxWhile I have been answering questions that have been sent in, I haven’t turned them into a post in a while. So, when Adrianne sent in her question, a couple days ago, about the song at the end of the last Men in Trees episode, it seemed like a good time to get back to posting them for all to enjoy. This time around we have one question that was sent in and two about Jericho and Wildfire that have been searched for recently.

Adrianne asked: What is the name of the closing song played on Men in Trees March 19, 2008? I couldn’t find it anywhere….
The song that played at the end of the “Read Between the Minds” episode of Men in Trees on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 was “Play It As It Lays” by Patti Scialfa and can be found on her album of the same name, Play It as It Lays.

Will Wildfire be back for more episodes?
Season 4 of Wildfire on ABC Family will be the show’s final season, but it isn’t over yet. The last five episodes of the fourth season will begin on Monday, April 28th.

Has Jericho been cancelled, again?
Yes, it was announced on Friday, March 21st that Jericho would not be back for a third season and that this Tuesday’s season-two finale would also be the series finale. Given the lackluster ratings for the second season, no amount of nuts or anything else will get CBS to change its mind again. On the plus side, we did get more episodes and what should be a finale that provides closure for us fans of the show.

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