How Did the Top 10 Do on American Idol Season 7?

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesSo, just clicked up last night’s performances from the Top 10 on American Idol season seven here at 4:22 a.m. Wednesday morning. Watching via the DVR allows you to get rid of so much of the filler and get right to the singing, which tonight will be songs from the contestant’s birth year. Hopefully, they will choose wisely.

How Did the Performances of the Top 10 on American Idol Season 7 Rank?

  1. David Cook – Was the last to go and sang “Billie Jean.” It is a slow version of the song, but he is sounding really great, once again. This is a great way to close out the show. Randy thinks he is “the most original” they have had on the show. Paula thinks he is “brilliant.” Simon thinks it was “amazing.” It was most definitely the best of the night.
  2. Brooke White – The fifth singer to take the stage and sang “Every Breath You Take.” Had a slight misstep beginning the song, but once she got started she sounded very good. Randy didn’t like the arrangement and though is was “just okay.” Paula “enjoyed it more than last week.” Simon thinks she needed to stay with just the piano, as did Randy, and that the first part of the song was “fantastic” and when the tempo went up and the band joined in, it wasn’t so much.
  3. Syesha Mercado – Came out third and sang “If I Were Your Woman.” Started off really, really well, the middle was really good, the end was okay, but she closed it out pretty good. Randy thinks it is her “best” so far. Paula thinks she is now the “dark horse” in the competition. Simon thinks the end of the song “stretched” the limits of her voice.
  4. Michael Johns – Was the sixth to go and chose Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” Still not as good as his performance from Hollywood week, even though the crowd is going wild. Randy thinks it was his “best.” Paula thinks it was his “shining moment.” Simon thinks it is the first time he has seen “star potential” from Johns. Maybe my hearing is off, or the sound on the TV, as it was really good, but not as good as they seem to think it was.
  5. Carly Smithson – Was the seventh to come out on stage and sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I don’t know. She sounds great, but the overall song seems weird for some reason. Randy thought it was “interesting” and “just okay.” Paula thinks she could make her a believer with any song, even if she didn’t like it. Simon thinks “something didn’t quite work” and she needs to lighten up or something. Wow, maybe the sound on the TV and my ears are working, as I completely agree with Randy and Simon on this one.
  6. Kristy Lee Cook – Took the stage ninth and sang “God Bless the USA.” She sounds really good, but it doesn’t have the emotional impact that the song normally brings when I hear it. It is a great song choice for her. Randy thought it was a “great song choice” and a “very nice performance.” Paula thinks her voice is “sounding stronger.” Simon thinks its her “best performance by a mile” and a “clever song choice.” Should get her out of the bottom three this week.
  7. David Archuleta – Was the eighth to come out on stage and chose “You’re the Voice.” He is sounding a lot better than the first week, but maybe not quite as good as last week, which was really good. Randy thought he has “mad skills.” Paula thinks he could “sing the phonebook and we would love you.” Simon didn’t like it at all and compared it to a “theme park performance.”
  8. Jason Castro – Took the stage second with his guitar and sang Sting’s “Fragile.” He is no Sting, but he sounds pretty good. Randy thinks it is a “very good choice of song,” but that he didn’t do anything “special” with it. Paula doesn’t think he had the “Wow” factor. Simon thinks he had “two bad weeks” now and needs to step it up if he wants to win.
  9. Chikezie – Was the fourth performer to sing and went with “If Only For One Night.” He doesn’t have it this week, not that the last few have been great. He is sounding better near the end of the song. Randy “didn’t love it” and thought it was “boring.” Paula thinks he is a throwback and that he did a “great job.” Simon thinks he sang “well,” but the performance was cheesy and he needs some “originality.”
  10. Ramiele Malubay – Was the first to take the stage and chose to sing Heart’s “Alone.” She is not showing that she should’ve made the top ten. She sounds really bad. Not a good way to start off the night. She was my pick to go home last week this could usher her out the door this week. Randy thought it was “pitchy.” Paula gives her credit for singing while she was sick. Simon thinks she will get through another week, since she got through after last week’s bad performance.

Based solely on this week’s performances, I think Ramiele Malubay should be exiting the stage, as I did last week. The bottom three will probably be her, David Archuleta and Chikezie, with Malubay going home. I almost couldn’t have been more wrong last week and was surprised to see Amanda Overmeyer exiting the show. Let’s see if I can get back on track this week.

What do you think? Who should go home after the Top 10 performed on American Idol Season 7? Who do you think will be going home?

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