How Did the Top 9 Do on American Idol Season 7?

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesJust got home from work, grabbed a bowl of cereal and clicked up last night’s performances from the Top 9 on American Idol season seven here at 4:17 a.m. Wednesday morning. Ryan just opened with a really bad April Fool’s joke. Really should have fast-forwarded through the opening.

Tonight, the contestants are singing Dolly Parton songs and she has dropped by to help them with their performances.

How Did the Performances of the Top 9 on American Idol Season 7 Rank?

  1. David Cook – Took the stage second and sang “Little Sparrow.” It was another great performance, as he is definitely a contender to make it to the end. Randy thought it was “another hot consistent performance.” Paula thought it was “fantastic.” Simon congratulates him for making a song about sparrows sound good.
  2. Michael Johns – Was last to take the stage with “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right.” This is the first time that I think that he has matched or surpassed his Hollywood week performance. Randy thinks it was “blazing hot.” Paula thinks he’s a “star.” My recording ended, so I have no idea what Simon thought.
  3. Carly Smithson – She came out on stage fifth and sang “Here You Come Again.” She is sounding really good and definitely seems to have chosen a good song for her. Randy thinks it will be “one of the better performances of the night.” Paula really liked it. Simon thought it “was good, but not great.”
  4. Brooke White – Was first to take the stage and chose to sing “Jolene.” She sounds really good for the most part, but something seems a bit off, as there isn’t a real emotional connection, as with past performances. She seems to be having too much fun with a song that shouldn’t be that fun. Randy thought it was “all right.” Paula likes that she is “consistent.” Simon thought she was “lacking emotion” in the performance and it wasn’t one of her best.
  5. Syesha Mercado – Was the eighth singer to take the stage and chose “I Will Always Love You.” Sounded really good, but then fell off towards the end, as she couldn’t quite hit the notes at the end. Randy thought she did “pretty good.” Paula thinks she is “growing and connecting” each week. Simon thought it was “a good, but not a fantastic version of the song.”
  6. David Archuleta – Sixth to take the stage and chose “Smoky Mountain Memories.” Might be his best performance yet in the competition. Randy thinks it is the “best of the night.” Paula thought he was “glorious.” Simon thought he was “on the money” this week. I don’t think it was as good as the judges thought it was.
  7. Kristy Lee Cook – Came out seventh and sang “Coat of Many Colors.” This style of music should really suit her and it seems to be. She is sounding pretty good. But, practically nobody is making an emotional connection with the songs. Randy thinks this type of music right in her wheelhouse. Paula thought it was her “best.” Simon thought last week was her best and this week was “pleasant, but forgettable.”
  8. Jason Castro – Was the fourth to sing and went with “Traveling Through.” He sounded okay, when you could understand him. Randy thought it “started rough” and that he “worked it out” by the end. Paula thinks it is one of his “strongest.” Simon “didn’t like it at all.”
  9. Ramiele Malubay – She was the third singer of the night and is singing “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind.” And the answer is no, as it is another weak performance. Randy “wasn’t jumping up and down” and gave it a “six and a half out of ten.” Paula thought she “connected.” Simon thought it was “forgettable,” but very cruise ship worthy.

Based solely on this week’s performances, I think Ramiele Malubay should be exiting the stage, as I did the last two weeks. But given her body of work, it should definitely be her heading home. Joining her in the bottom three should Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro. Again, I was pretty far off with last week’s picks. Hopefully, I can get back on track this week, after two bad weeks in a row. There is something definitely wrong if Malubay makes it another week.

What do you think? Who should go home after the Top 9 performed on American Idol Season 7? Who do you think will be going home?

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