Watch One-Tenth of Tonight’s New Gossip Girl Episode

Download Gossip Girl Episodes at Amazon UnboxGossip Girl returns with the first of five new post-strike episodes tonight on The CW. The episode titled “The Blair Bitch Project” has Blair back at school after being dethroned, Jenny trying to do whatever to take her place, and Serena having to deal with Chuck, now that they live under the same roof.

The CW has four clips from the episode out on YouTube that run for a total of 4:41. They are posted below for your viewing enjoyment (RSS and eMail Subscribers may need to click to the site to view the videos). That’s about one tenth of the episode, given that sans commercials, Gossip Girl episodes clock-in at 40-43 minutes.

If you miss Gossip Girl tonight, or any of the next four Mondays, you won’t find it on The CW website, as the rest of the season will not be streamed online. They are trying to see if it will increase the ratings. You will, however, be able to catch it again on Sunday nights in their “Easy View” replay slot before a rerun of America’s Next Top Model. Also, episodes will still be available at iTunes and, even though it isn’t mentioned in their press release, most likely at Amazon Unbox as well.

Nate Warns Jenny About Her New Circle of Friends

Breakfast With Chuck and Serena

Serena Talks to Blair About Being Nice

Chuck Is Just Being Too Nice

Questions after watching the video clips:

  • What do you think Chuck is up to?
  • What do you think Jenny is up to?

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