How Did the Top 6 Do on American Idol Season 7?

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesJust clicked up the performances from the Top 6 on American Idol season seven, here at 4:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, on the old DVR.

Tonight, the contestants are singing Andrew Lloyd Weber songs. It should be interesting to see what the contestants have chosen to sing. Being faced with picking music from famous musicals will definitely be different than your average Idol week. Randy thinks tonight will be the “toughest of the season.”

How Did the Performances of the Top 6 on American Idol Season 7 Rank?

  1. David Cook – He is closing things out tonight and is sang “Music of the Night.” It was another great performance, even though it is far from his type of music. It shows he can really sing. Randy thought it was “amazing.” Paula thinks it was “fantastic.” Simon thought he “made the most of the song.” Right now, it should most definitely be the two Davids in the final show.
  2. David Archuleta – He took the stage fourth and chose “Think Of Me.” He is definitely the best of the night so far. He keeps getting better each week. Randy thinks it “was the bomb.” Paula thought it was “perfect.” Simon thinks it will get him through to next week, but didn’t really like it that much.
  3. Carly Smithson – She came out on stage fifth and went with “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which was her second choice, but the one that Andrew Lloyd Weber thought she should sing. This was definitely a good choice for her and finally something upbeat to get excited about. Randy thought it “was definitely good.” Paula “loved what she did.” Simon said it was one of his “favorites of the night.”
  4. Syesha Mercado – She is first to take the stage and has chosen “One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many.” She is going in and out of sounding good to me, at least it is more good than not. She does seem to be having fun with it. Randy thinks she could be “a huge Broadway star.” Paula thinks that she “brought the house down,” just like Andrew Lloyd Weber thought she could.
  5. Brooke White – She came out on stage third and chose “You Must Love Me.” That is the second time that she has had to stop and start over in the competition. After the reboot she all right, but she is going to need a lot of people to love her to stick around. Randy thinks that, “vocally it was rough.” Paula told her she shouldn’t stop and start again.
  6. Jason Castro – He took the stage second and went with “Memory.” He ended pretty well, but it didn’t work for me at all. Randy thought it was a “train-wreck.” Paula thinks it was a good song choice for him. Simon thought it felt like “the longest two-minutes” of his life. If this doesn’t turn out to be the worst of the night then something is wrong.

Based solely on this week’s performances, I think Jason Castro should be exiting the show. He will be in the bottom three with Brooke White and Syesha Mercado. Last week I chose the same bottom three, as the week before, but was only right about the two that were actually there that didn’t get voted out, those two being Brooke and Syesha. It will definitely be one of those two, but I think it will be Brooke’s week to leave.

What do you think? Who should go home after the Top 6 performed on American Idol Season 7? Who do you think will be going home?

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