How Did the Top 5 Do on American Idol Season 7?

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesTime to watch the performances from the Top 5 on American Idol season seven, here at 3:50 a.m. Wednesday morning via the old DVR.

Tonight, the contestants are singing Neil Diamond songs. Hopefully, it will be better than last week. While Andrew Lloyd Weber may have been the best mentor in quite some time on the show, he actually offered an opinion and advice, the performances were not all that good.

Each contestant will be singing two songs tonight, so this is either going to be twice as good or suck twice as bad. They will be judged after their second performance.

How Did the Performances of the Top 5 on American Idol Season 7 Rank?

  1. David Cook – He is coming out on stage second and is going with “I’m Alive” for his first song. This was a pretty good rock version of the song with him playing the electric guitar. For his second song he went with “All I Really Need Is You.” He is playing guitar. Much better than the first song, this is really good. Randy thought he “rocked the house” with his second song. Paula thinks she is “already looking at the American Idol.” Simon thought the first one was “okay,” but the second one was “brilliant.”
  2. David Archuleta – He is fourth to come out and sing and has chosen “Sweet Caroline” for his first performance. I think he has become really good at choosing songs. This is the best so far tonight. It is upbeat and the fan girls are going to love it. For his second song he went with “America.” This one is not sounding as good as the first to me at the beginning. It is picking it up in the second half of the song. Randy thinks he is “in the zone.” Paula thinks it was “the perfect song” for him to sing. Simon thought the second song was a great choice.
  3. Brooke White – She is third out on stage and has picked “I’m A Believer” for her first song. She is playing the guitar for this one. Not bad, but so far things aren’t all that great to me. Maybe they are rushing through to fast. For her second song she is singing “I Am I Said” while playing the piano. Better than the first song. She sounded pretty good. Randy thought it was a “nice job.” Paula liked this one better than the first. Simon “really, really hated the first song,” but the second one was a “million times better than the first one.”
  4. Syesha Mercado – She is last tonight and is going with “Hello Again” for her first song. It is a very sweet performance. It is weird not to hear the judges’ thoughts right after they sing, but we are getting a quick consolidation of their thoughts before the singers take the stage for the second time, even thought Paula thinks they have already sung twice. For her second song, and to close out the night, she went with “Thank The Lord For The Night Time.” Pretty good, at least she is having fun with it. Randy likes her in the second song. Paula liked her vulnerable side in the first song. Simon thinks she may be “in trouble tonight.”
  5. Jason Castro – He is taking the stage first and has chosen “Forever In Blue Jeans” for his first performance. It is just an average boring performance with him playing the guitar. For his second song he went with “September Morn.” This guy is just boring. I don’t understand why he is still in this competition. Randy thinks it was “just okay.” Paula thinks he played it “safe.” Simon thought both songs were “forgettable.”

Based solely on this week’s performances, I think Jason Castro should be exiting the show. Based on the contest up to now, I think Castro should be gone. But, it could be either of the ladies, with Syesha Mercado more likely, as Simon said. I thought Brooke White would be leaving last week, yet I just can’t see anyone else really going home after Castro having two bad weeks in a row.

What do you think? Who should go home after the Top 5 performed on American Idol Season 7? Who do you think will be going home?

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