Saturday Interview Collection: Jason Dohring, Morgan Spurlock, the Cast of In Plain Sight & More

Welcome to the first ever Saturday Interview Collection. There is almost never anything worth watching on Saturdays, except the occasional BBC America show or whatever you have left on your DVR from the past week. So, I thought I could help, by bringing you a list of interviews with stars, producers, directors, show runners, etc that could help you through another Saturday without anything to watch. This week includes interviews with Jason Dohring, Morgan Spurlock, and pretty much the whole cast of USA’s new comedy drama, In Plain Sight. Enjoy!

Saturday Interview Collection

  • Neal Baer – The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit show runner talked with Kristin over at E! Online about what is in store for season 10, which premieres Tuesday, September 23rd on NBC.
  • Paul Ben-Victor – He plays Mary McCormack’s boss in USA’s In Plain Sight. Daemon’s TV has an interview with him about what is was like shooting in New Mexico, why he wanted to play this character, why he originally became and actor and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.
  • Cristian de la Fuente – He plays Mary McCormack’s sometimes boyfriend on USA’s In Plain Sight. RTVW has an interview with him about why he took the role, some other recent projects and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.
  • Jason Dohring – Daemon’s TV posted part two of an interview with the now cancelled Moonlight star. Better late than never I guess.
  • Haylie Duff – Monsters and Critics chatted with the host of MTV’s Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for the New Elle Woods, their latest new reality competition show that premieres Monday, June 2nd on MTV.
  • Nichole Hiltz – She plays Mary McCormack’s younger sister on USA’s In Plain Sight and you can read an interview with her over at RTVW. Find out how she got involved with the show, what the future looks like for her character and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.
  • Joshua Jackson – Kristin over at E! Online talked with Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, on camera, about their new series Fringe, which debuts this fall on Tuesday, August 26th on FOX. You can click over to E! or watch it below. Runtime: 3:15.
  • Jim Leija – Who? He’s a friend of Kate over at TV Filter and someone who sent in an audition tape for The Next Food Network Star. But, he only made it as far as getting a callback from a producer that wanted him to fill out a questionnaire for more info. For more on the 10 people that made the show, check out their bios and photos. Also, check out a review of tomorrow night’s fourth season premiere of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network.
  • Louross – The latest Hell’s Kitchen reject was interviewed over at TV Filter. Didn’t read it, because I don’t care. But, thought someone might. So, enjoy! Hell’s Kitchen plays Tuesdays on FOX.
  • Eric McCormack – The former Will & Grace star chatted with Monsters and Critics about his role in A&E’s The Andromeda Strain. Find out whom he had in mind while taking on the role of a TV reporter, whether he is a germ-a-phobe and more. The Andromeda Strain replays twice tonight and again the next two Sunday afternoons, June 1st and 8th on A&E.
  • Mary McCormack – TV with MeeVee posted and interview with USA’s In Plain Sight stars McCormack and Frederick Weller. Find out why McCormack liked the role, what they learned about witness protection, and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.
  • Harold Perrineau – He talked to TV Guide about his thoughts on the season finale of Lost and how his character exited the show. Not sure why he thinks that a double murderer should get a happy ending, but I think his character got a fitting end. Yet, his character also kind of redeemed himself with the way he goes out. Lost doesn’t return until next year sometime on ABC.
  • Tori Spelling – Monsters and Critics posted an interview with Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott about why they have put their lives on camera for everyone to see, why Spelling wanted to head back to that famous zip code and more. Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood premieres Tuesday, June 17th on Oxygen.
  • Morgan Spurlock – Monsters and Critics has an interview with the creator of FX’s 30 Days or better known as the Super Size Me guy. Find out how topics covered in the show are chosen, how they choose the people to be on the show and more. The interview appears after the review, so you have to scroll a bit to find the Q&A part. 30 Days premieres Tuesday, June 3rd on A&E.
  • Fred Weller – He plays Mary McCormack’s partner on USA’s In Plain Sight and in addition to his thoughts in the joint interview with McCormack linked to above, RTVW has more from him. Find out how he prepared for the role, what his favorite episode is and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.
  • Joss Whedon – He gave Sci Fi Wire a few thoughts on FOX’s announcement about having fewer commercial interruptions and how that might affect his new show Dollhouse, which debuts January 2009 on FOX.
  • Todd Williams – He plays a homicide detective on USA’s In Plain Sight. Daemon’s TV has an interview with him about the show, background on his character’s name, and more. In Plain Sight debuts tomorrow, June 1st on USA.

For more on what shows will be debuting or returning over the summer, check out the Ultimate Guide to the Summer TV Schedule – 2008.

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