Ask the TVaholic: She Spies, The Closer, Ally McBeal & More

Well, it has been a few weeks since the last Ask the TVaholic column, but we’re back with seven reader submitted questions. We’ve got questions about when shows will be released on DVD, someone searching for an elusive show title, how to download TV shows from Canada and more.

Mauricio asked: I just want to know if there is going to be released the second season of She Spies in DVD. Thank you very much.

I was not able to locate any info on if, or when, a season two set of She Spies will come out. Season one was released over two years ago on March 21st, 2006, so it has been quite a while. Maybe it didn’t sell well enough to manufacture the second season set. I did find two things: one that most likely won’t help you at all and the other will at least let you watch a handful of episodes from season two online.

  • You can check out the listings at the old She Spies website, but I looked up Seattle and what was reported is not accurate, so this is the one that probably isn’t helpful at all.
  • On a better note, if you can access Hulu, they presently have 10 episodes from season one and four episodes from season two that can be watched via streaming video with limited commercial interruptions.

Also, right now you can watch Natasha Henstridge on ABC’s Eli Stone, which is replaying its first season on Saturday nights and will be back for a second season this fall.

Krispin asked: I’m searching for the name of a TV series. One episode I remember the team of archaeologists/treasure hunters were in China with the terracotta army, there was a bomb puzzle or something. It was on TV in the 2000’s. In much the same genre as Relic Hunter and Indiana Jones. Any idea?

I am not sure, but I think you may be thinking of a show called Adventure Inc. I couldn’t find an episode summary that fit with your above description, but it is the only show that I can come up with that fits the rest of your criteria.

It lasted one season, from September 2002 to May 2003, in syndication and starred Michael Biehn (Hawaii, The Magnificent Seven) and Karen Cliche (Flash Gordon, Mutant X).

Krispin, please let me know in the comments if this is, or isn’t, the correct show.

Jennifer asked: Is there going to be a Men in Trees movie to wrap the show up?????

I seriously doubt it. The final episode that aired back on June 11th is, unfortunately, our last visit to Elmo, Alaska.

Brandi asked: I checked out the latest Fall schedule and I don’t see Las Vegas listed yet. Do you know if this show is returning?

Yes, I do know and the answer is, unfortunately, Las Vegas will not be returning for a sixth season. It was rumored that Danny and Delinda would make a cameo appearance in the new Knight Rider series this fall, as Las Vegas executive producer Scott Thompson is the Knight Rider showrunner. But, that rumor was put to rest at the resent TCA Press Tour, where Thompson mentioned that the idea had been contemplated, but then they decided that it didn’t really serve the fans of either show very well.

Peter asked: How can I download seasons premiere of The Closer?? I live in Toronto Canada.

I’m sure you mean legally, but since I don’t live in Canada, I don’t really know what the issues are regarding downloading TV shows from there. The Closer is available at iTunes, but again, I don’t know what shows you can get to on iTunes Canada. I believe though that if you can get a prepaid iTunes gift card in the U.S., then you can redeem it and create an account at the iTunes U.S. store. Then you can purchase shows until your card runs dry. I am not sure exactly how this works, but you may have better luck getting this question answered by the TV addict, as he lives in Toronto as well and downloads, legally of course, plenty of shows from iTunes.

Yvonne asked: What is the name of the character who portrays reporter Ricardo Ramos on The Closer?

Stephen Martines (Guiding Light, General Hospital) plays the reporter.

Rebecca asked: Hi TVaholic – I thought I was addicted but you have the market on that! I am SO glad I found your website – it rocks!! I have a question about a TV show that has never been released on DVD. Ally McBeal was my favorite show back in the day and I am crushed that they have not released it to DVD. Any idea why not? or if they ever will?

Well, thanks for the kind words Rebecca and in regards to your question, I do have an idea. The reason Ally McBeal hasn’t been released on DVD in the U.S., except for a small compilation of episodes, is because of music rights. These types of issues are dealt with better these days, but back when Ally was on and many other shows before that used music heavily, the idea of distributing a show on DVD didn’t even exist yet. So, songs weren’t licensed except for when the show aired, repeats and possibly syndication rights.

Now, if you lived practically anywhere but the U.S., you could get all five seasons on DVD, as they have been released in the U.K., France, Japan, Italy and many other countries. But, unless you have a multi-region DVD player or can figure out how to change the region on yours, those sets won’t play. Supposedly, they are working on clearing the music rights in the U.S., but there is no telling how long it will take.

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  • Krispin Jul 25, 2008, 1:36 am

    Alas, this isn’t the show I was thinking of. I’m actually starting to think that maybe it didn’t exist!! I did however forget to mention it was on Australian TV in the 2000’s. I also recal one of the main actors as being from a show from the “ABC Kids!” afternoon line-up, but remember niether the name of the show or the actor. Thanks for all your help!

  • Jason the TVaholic Jul 25, 2008, 4:27 am

    Krispin, the fact that it played on Australian TV would have most definitely been helpful, as I don’t really know anything about what plays on TV there. Maybe, you can find the name of the show you are looking for listed here: or maybe they might be able to come up with the show you are trying to remember.

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