Saturday Interview Collection: Comic-Con Panels, Daren Kagasoff, Joss Whedon & More

Download Chuck Episodes at Amazon.comIt has been a couple of weeks, but the Saturday interview collection is back this week with links to interviews found in the last couple of weeks around the web. We have also embedded a couple of videos from panels from last weekends Comic-Con. Also, find some links to audio interviews as well.

  • Chuck Comic-Con Panel – Watch the video below of the Chuck Comic-Con panel hosted by Kristin Dos Santos from E! Chuck returns with season two this fall on NBC.
  • Dr. Horrible Comic-Con Panel – Download and listen to the Dr. Horrible Comic-Con panel over at Ducky Does TV.
  • Jay Johnson – The former Soap star and ventriloquist talked with TV Series Finale and you can listen to part one of the interview via streaming audio or you can download it as well.
  • Daren Kagasoff Interview & Life on Mars Roundtable – Listen to TV Talk from 7.30.2008, as it includes an interview with Daren Kagasoff of Secret Life of the American Teenager in the first half of the show and a Life on Mars roundtable interview from Comic-Con that includes star Jason O’Mara. Secret Life plays Tuesdays on ABC Family and Life on Mars debuts on ABC this fall.
  • Shirley Manson – The new cast member of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles talked with the TV addict about season two at Comic-Con. T:TSCC returns for season two this fall on FOX.
  • Elisabeth Moss – The star of Mad Men talks season two with Chief Justice Michael Stailey over at TV Verdict. Mad Men plays Sundays on AMC.
  • The Office Writers Comic-Con Panel – Watch the Comic-Con panel with the writers of the series that was hosted by star Rainn Wilson in the video below. The Office returns for season five on NBC this fall.
  • Supernatural Comic-Con Panel – Download and listen to the Supernatural panel for Comic-Con over at Ducky Does TV. Supernatural returns with season four returns this fall on The CW.
  • Joss Whedon & Elisa Dushku – The creator and the star of Dollhouse talked with reporters on the set of the show. Dollhouse debuts January 2009 on FOX.

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