Tonight on the Tube: Secret Life, Sarah Connor, Eureka & The Cleaner

News & Notes

Eureka - Season Two on DVDTonight, ABC has Wanna Bet? on its new night.

Over on cable, Bravo has a Flipping Out special, FX has the eighth Rescue Me minisode, and MTV has a Making the Band 4 special.

Prime Picks

House (FOX): Repeat. House is trying to diagnose a woman without the aid of a team, in the season premiere, “Alone,” from this past season.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX): Repeat. Sarah visits Myles Dyson’s widow in an effort to start tracking down a new trail on the building of Skynet, in “The Turk.”

Without a Trace (CBS): Repeat. A man awakes from a three-year coma and then goes missing, in “Deja Vu” from this past season.

Solid Selections

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. The team is on a stakeout trying to catch a thief, but end up seeing a murder take place, in “Stakeout” from this past season.

Reaper (The CW): Repeat. Andi accepts a date from her ex to Sam’s dismay, especially once he finds out that he sold his soul to the devil, in “Greg, Schmeg.”

Primetime (ABC): New. Medical mysteries are investigated.

Cable Choices

Secret Life on the American Teenager (ABC Family): New. Amy is thinking about moving somewhere else. Ricky is not doing too well taking responsibility for the situation. Plays again later.

Eureka (Sci Fi): New. It’s the Eureka dog show, except none of the dogs in the competition are real. Plays again later and again next week before the new episode. Last week’s episode, “What About Bob,” replays right before. Click up the Sci Fi Channel Player on the video players page to see a clip from tonight’s episode.

The Cleaner (A&E): Repeats. The third episode, “Meet the Joneses,” replays in this timeslot. Episode two, “Rag Dolls,” replays right before it and last week’s episode, “Chaos Theory,” replays right after. All three episodes play again later. Returns next week with a new episode.

Other Options

  • The Closer (TBS): Repeats. “To Protect & Serve” from season two and “Grave Doubts” and “Saving Face” from season three replay tonight. The first two feature G. W. Bailey’s Lt. Provenza and the third is the one where they find an extra body in a casket after dropping it.
  • Food Detectives (Food Network): New. This week, “Brain Freeze” is looked into among other food myths. Plays again later.
  • The Office (TBS): Repeats. It is “Phyllis’ Wedding” and then “Business School.”
  • Road Tasted With the Neelys (Food Network): New. The Neelys visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Plays again later.

Sports Notes

  • NBC along with other various NBC Universal owned cable outlets will have Olympic coverage. Checkout for listings of what events are playing when and where over the next 13 days.

Late Night

  • My Boys (TBS): Repeat. Last Thursday’s second season finale, “John, Cougar, Newman Camp,” replays.
  • Saving Grace (TNT): Repeat. Last night’s episode, “Do You Love Him?,” replays.

TV Marathons

Bravo has seven episodes of Top Chef early and five episodes of Flipping Out tonight.
Oxygen has 10 hours of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood episodes.
Sci Fi has eight episodes of Jake 2.0 early.

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  • Paul Comeau Aug 12, 2008, 8:26 am

    “Primetime (NBC): New. Medical mysteries are investigated.” – this is on ABC…NBC has the Olympics.

  • Jason the TVaholic Aug 12, 2008, 3:35 pm

    Paul, Thanks, I fixed the it above.

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