Photos From Tonight’s Third Episode of 90210 on The CW

Last week, we got the first two hours of 90210. I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as Privileged, which will be following it tonight, but still pretty good.

I liked how Kelly Taylor wasn’t just there to remind us of the original. She was an actual character, with an actual storyline. A storyline that expands tonight, as she confronts her mother about how well she is taking care of her sister Silver.

Also, in tonight’s episode, “Lucky Strike,” Harry and Debbie put together a night out at the bowling alley for the family, which messes with Annie and Dixon’s plans. Naomi’s night ends in disappointment after spending it with her father. Silver is found by Dixon sleeping in her car, which is what gets Kelly to confront her mother.

Check out some photos from tonight’s episode.

90210 S.1 Ep.3 – “Lucky Strike” – Photos

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