Tonight on the Tube: Fringe, Privileged, Army Wives, Mad Men & Entourage

News & Notes

Download Entourage Episodes at iTunesOn cable tonight, Discovery Channel has a Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy special.

What are you going to watch on Sundays. Click the link to see what the TVaholic will be checking out this season and then tell me what Sunday shows look good to you.

Prime Picks

Fringe (FOX): Repeat. The series “Pilot” episode from last Tuesday replays. An international flight lands in Boston, but there seems to be no signs of life on board. An FBI Special Agent, a scientist, and his son come together to attempt to uncover the mystery behind this unbelievable event. Runs two hours. Check out some photos of the cast and the first episode. If you missed it the first time, it is well worth checking out and will give you a chance to catch up before this Tuesday’s new episode. Also, look for a preview of the two-hour 24 movie coming in November.

CSI: Miami (CBS): Repeat. Horatio is dealing with his past, while the team is trying to track down a kidnapped Caliegh, in “All In” from last season.

Solid Selection

Privileged (The CW): Repeat. The series “Pilot” episode from last Tuesday replays. A young woman and recent college graduate is finding things not going so well after her schooling ended. After losing her job at a trashy magazine, she gets a job as a tutor for two sisters in Palm Beach, who have a grandmother that wants their grades improved, so they can go to college. I really liked the first episode, even better than the show it follows on Tuesday nights. It is well worth checking out as well. Read my full review.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Repeats. Susan has her and Mike’s baby, Katherine’s secrets are finally revealed, in last season’s two hour season finale, “The Gun Song; Free.”

Cable Choices

Food Network Challenge (Food Network): Repeat. Cake designers compete to build the best cake to celebrate the opening of The Simpsons Movie. Plays again later. Read more about this challenge.

True Blood (HBO): New. Bill helps Sookie out with the Rattays. Plays again later. Based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris. I wasn’t all that enamored with the first episode last week. It was both riveting at times and completely stupid at others. People that make shows for HBO and other premium networks need to learn that just because you can getaway with something on pay cable, doesn’t mean you have to.

Mad Men (AMC): New. It’s “A Night to Remember.” Plays twice and again later.

Other Options

  • Army Wives (Lifetime): New. Tonight’s episode is about “Safe Havens.” Plays again later. The Coco Chanel movie that premiere last night replays leading up to this episode.
  • Cold Case (CBS): Repeat. New direction comes in on a death thought to be a suicide and the 1962 case gets reopened, in “Bad Reputation” from this past season.
  • Entourage (HBO): New. Eric goes after a couple of writers as clients and an old girlfriend is making Vince nervous.
  • Feasting on Waves (Food Network): New. Tonight it’s “Fungi With Foraging and Fish.” It’s Feasting on Asphalt, but on a boat visiting islands in the Caribbean. Plays again later.
  • Skins (BBC America): New. A school trip to Russia brings tensions to the surface and Anwar falls for a mysterious girl while there. Plays again later. Last week’s episode, “Sid,” replays right before.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has NASCAR racing with the Sprint Cup: Sylvania 300.
  • CBS has NFL action.
  • ESPN has Sunday Night Baseball with the Detroit Tigers at the Chicago White Sox.
  • ESPN2 has WNBA action with the Seattle Storm at the Los Angeles Sparks.
  • FOX has NFL action that includes the San Francisco 49ers at my Seattle Seahawks.
  • NBC has Sunday Night Football with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Browns.
  • TBS has MLB action with the Toronto Blue Jays at the Boston Red Sox.

Late Night

  • Breaking Bad (AMC): Repeat. The “Pilot” episode replays.
  • The Cleaner (A&E): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Let It Ride,” replays.
  • The Shield (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Snitch,” replays.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX): Repeat. Last Wednesday’s episode, “Seeds,” replays.

TV Marathons

ABC Family has three of the Bring It On movies.
MTV2 has five episodes of From G’s to Gents tonight.
Spike has five episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation then a CSI: NY and then another three CSI’s.
Travel Channel has six episodes of Wild China.
USA has seven episodes of House tonight.
WE has nine episodes of Bridezillas.

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  • movie buff Sep 14, 2008, 11:53 pm

    True Blood resembles Heroes at first glance (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster), though it still feels mostly original… for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer

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