Review: House – Season Five Premiere on FOX – “Dying Changes Everything”

Get House Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandShow: House (FOX)
Episode: “Dying Changes Everything” – Season Premiere (Season 5)
Premiere Date: Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: Eight is not enough.

Long Synopsis: It is eight weeks after the death of Wilson’s girlfriend Amber. He is still in mourning and his relationship with House has been forever changed. He decides to resign from the hospital and House finds it an idiotic idea. House contemplates his responsibility in Amber’s death.

Review: House just continues to be awesome. This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and this episode is exactly why. Next week’s episode is excellent as well.

Some people look at this show as just a medical procedural. They get a case. They come up with something. They treat for that and then find out that something else is wrong or that it wasn’t what they originally thought. This keeps happening until House has an epiphany moment and figures it out.

But, if that is all your getting out of the show and think it’s getting old going into its fifth season, you are sadly mistaken. It continues to be brilliant. The way they weave the medical case of the week with one or more of the characters is masterful.

The case of the week is used to push the story forward for one or more of the characters each week. In this episode it mainly pushes the story forward on 13 and her prospect of having to deal with Huntington’s disease. It’s not really about the patient, it’s about how dealing with the patient changes or affects the doctors working on their case.

This show has some of the best writing on television. The amount of drama in an episode is amazing, but was is even more amazing, is mixed in with all that drama is some of the funniest moments on TV right now. You will laugh more during this drama than while watching a lot of comedies.

Overall, it is the best show on Tuesdays. With 90210 on The CW and NCIS on CBS as its main competition in the first hour of primetime, it should continue to be one of the most watched shows on TV. If I could only watch one show on a Tuesday night, it would be this one.

House season five premieres tonight, Tuesday, September 16th on FOX.

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