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Smallville 2009 Wall CalendarShow: Smallville (The CW)
Episode: “Odyssey” – Season Premiere (Season 8)
Premiere Date: Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Rating: 3 out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: Finally!

Long Synopsis: Green Arrow, Black Canary and Aquaman are searching for Clark. He is finally found in a Russian work camp, but has been stripped of his powers. Meanwhile, the new CEO of LuthorCorp takes control of the company. Also, Chloe is being held captive after finding out about her new special ability.

Review: Smallville has always been one of my favorite shows. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode over the previous seven seasons. Yet, there has always been one thing that bothered me.

No, not the freak of the week episodes, but the fact that Clark needs to be saved way too often. Also, how many times can he lose his powers and then get them restored?

I’m hoping this is the last time. With the way the episode ends, hopefully we will finally get to him becoming the superhero we all know he’s going to be. But, really I would just like to see him doing the saving, instead of being saved.

The episodes when other comic book heroes show up are always fun and this one is no different. The other two besides the Green Arrow, who is now a regular on the show, don’t get to do too much.

One problem I had with this episode was the timeline, as it seemed like things were happening at the same time, but they had to be happening separately. It was very strange.

One cool thing about the episode is finding out what happened to Chloe after her run in with Brainiac, it is quite the cool new power.

One thing that was definitely missing was Lex Luthor. The show is not the same without him, but hopefully the new bad guys will fill the void as the season continues.

Overall, I think it is the best option in the first hour of primetime on Thursday nights. It is up against Ugly Betty on ABC, Survivor on CBS, Hole in the Wall on FOX, and My Name Is Earl and the new Kath & Kim on NBC and only the last two hold any interest for me in the time period.

Smallville season eight premieres tonight, Thursday, September 18th on The CW.

Check out some photos from the episode below.

Smallville S.8 Ep.1 Photos

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