Two Girls, A Guy and a TV Podcast - A New TV PodcastAt the beginning of the summer I started pondering the idea of adding a podcast to TVaholic. But, the idea of jabbering on about TV by myself didn’t seem like the best of ideas. The better podcasts out there that I’ve listened to usually have two hosts. Someone to play off of and go back and forth with makes for a more entertaining show.

So, if two hosts are good, then three has got to be even better. Right? Well, you can have a listen and let us know. Who is the “us,” I’m talking about?

Well, TVaholic has joined with Amrie from My Take on TV and Rae from RTVW Online to create a weekly TV podcast. We plan on talking about a few of the recent television related news items that pique are interest, a TV centric topic, and giving our thoughts on the best and worst that primetime has to offer each week.

It’s funny how things happen online. I met Rae during our visit to the set of Psych at the beginning of the summer. We were both invited because of our websites. But, I’ve never actually met Amrie face-to-face, yet we’ve talked a lot of TV on TV Talk with Shaun OMac over the last few weeks. We’d all been thinking about getting into podcasting separately and then one thing led to another and voila, a new TV podcast was born.

For our first episode, we went a little overboard. We are planning on each episode being about 45-60 minutes, but went two hours. So, we broke the podcast into two parts.

TVtimesThree TV Podcast – Listen to Our First Episode

You can listen to and download both parts at and in the near future find at iTunes. I look forward to hearing what TVaholic readers think about the new podcast.

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