Review: Cold Case – Season Six Premiere on CBS

Show: Cold Case (CBS)
Episode: “Glory Days” – Season Premiere (Season 6)
Premiere Date: Sunday, September 28th, 2008
Rating: 3 out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: Football in the 1970s was killer.

Long Synopsis: Back in 1973 the star fullback for a college football team was found dead. New evidence comes to light that he may have not died at the time originally reported. The squad reopens the case and starts poking into the past of the football star and those who were closest to him at the time of his death.

Review: Cold Case is a solid procedural, but one told in a very interesting way.

The historical aspect of the show is what sets it apart from similar shows. The way it is weaved in an out of the story is always well done, flashing back and forth between now and then. The attention to detail is amazing, including the casting of both young and old versions of characters and the use of music.

There are also always a lot of twists and turns throughout an episode, which gives you lots of suspects to the crime. It is usually well into an episode before you are pretty sure who it is going to be, which is never a bad thing.

And, both of those things continue to be the case in this episode. But, as usual, the best thing about this episode is the thoroughly watch-able Kathryn Morris, who plays disheveled Det. Lilly Rush. Whether it is her look, a glance or a smile, she has the ability to convey so much about a case or her life with the smallest of gestures. This is readily apparent in multiple scenes of this episode.

Overall, Cold Case is always worth watching. Its competition in the second hour of primetime is Desperate Housewives on ABC, Easy Money on The CW, Family Guy and American Dad on FOX and Sunday Night Football on NBC. But, that’s just on the network side. Over on cable, you have True Blood on HBO and Dexter on Showtime. For me, it’s the third best option in this time period behind Dexter and Housewives, although I haven’t watched the Easy Money premiere yet.

Cold Case premieres tonight, Sunday, September 28th on CBS after the season premiere of The Amazing Race.

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