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Get Chuck Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandShow: Chuck (NBC)
Episode: “Chuck Versus the First Date” – Season Premiere (Season 2)
Premiere Date: Monday, September 29th, 2008
Rating: 3.5 out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: The new intersect is about to go online.

Long Synopsis: A device that will put the new intersect online has been stolen and it must be reacquired. Once this is done, Chuck believes that he will be able to go on about his life and begins to think about whether he wants to work at the Buy More or do other things. He also decides to ask Sarah out on a proper date. But, the device ends up back in play and they must get it back again.

Review: Chuck is one of my favorite shows and the first episode of season two does nothing to change that. If you were to take your favorite romantic comedy and merge it with your favorite action spy movie, you’d end up with Chuck.

This first episode kind of resets the series. It doesn’t discard the first season, but given the length of time since episodes last aired, it makes for a good starting point to begin again. It’s one that both fans and potential new viewers can enjoy. If you’ve yet to hop on the Chuck wagon, now’s the perfect time to get on board.

Chuck’s got some of my favorite things to have in a TV show, like the nerd that has a shot with the hot chick, a hot chick that can kick some ass, fun action sequences, cool gadgets, and more. It’s not about realism; it’s about Get Smart style amusement.

This episode has all of that and a fun guest starring appearance by Michael Clark Duncan (Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, The Green Mile). He plays a bad guy that has been hired to acquire the device that will run the new intersect. This is just the first of what is supposed to be a lot of great guest stars this season.

Overall, Chuck it’s the best bet in the first hour of primetime on Mondays, but there sure is a lot of good stuff to choose from in that time period. CBS has The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, The CW has Gossip Girl and FOX has Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For me, this is one night that the DVR works overtime, as I will be watching all of them.

Chuck premieres tonight, Monday, September 29th on NBC.

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Chuck S.2 Ep.1 & Promo Photos

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