Tonight on the Tube: Phantom Zone, Lady Heather & Oprah, Oh My!

News & Notes

Watch The Office Episodes at Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, Discovery Channel has the first season finale of Destroyed in Seconds, HBO has the third season finale of 24/7, and MTV has the series premiere of 50 Cent: The Money and the Power.

In sports news, NFL Network begins their Thursday night football broadcasts tonight.

Will be on TV Talk with Shaun OMac later today. The show starts at 3:00 p.m. PT and I, along with Amrie from Seat42f, among other places, will be on at 3:20 p.m. PT, so why not drop on in and listen live.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. Lois and Clark end up in the Phantom Zone after Clark opens a package containing the crystal found in the Artic by Tess. They find Kara there and Zod’s wife ends up taking over Lois’ body.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. The residents are all competing to get a solo surgery. Derek goes to Bailey for advice about Cristina seemingly interfering in his relationship with Meredith. This will be Brooke Smith’s last episode. She plays Dr. Erica Hahn. Her character has been written out of the show. Runs 61 minutes.

Life on Mars (ABC): New. Racial tensions explode when a black girl is murdered brutally. Sam has to deal with the overt prejudice of the times. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Solid Selections

My Name Is Earl (NBC): New. A big item on Earl’s list moves to the top when a mystery guy moves in next door to Joy. Runs 30 minutes.

The Office (NBC): New. Dwight and Jim can’t believe what they find in the annual customer survey report. Andy and Angela finally pick a spot for the wedding. Runs 31 minutes.
30 Rock (NBC): New. Liz ends up on a plane in a seat next to Oprah Winfrey and asks her for some advice. Runs 29 minutes.

Eleventh Hour (CBS): New. A virus affecting a construction site in Pittsburgh and Jacob is called in to investigate. Rachel ends up contracting the virus and he must figure out how to save her. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Cable Choices

Good Eats (Food Network): Repeat. Alton makes the perfect spinach salad. Plays again later.
Food Detectives (Food Network): Repeat. Food myths are investigated including “Swallowing Gum.” Plays again later.

American Chopper (TLC): Repeat. The guys are building the “McCuff Bike.” Plays again later.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): New. The gang tries to convince the Historical Society that the bar is a landmark. Plays again later. Runs 31 minutes and plays again later.

Other Options

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): New. Grissom once again goes to Lady Heather, played by Melinda Clarke (The O.C.), when the cased involves her specialty. Runs 61 minutes.
  • Supernatural (The CW): New. The boys head to a town where there is a wishing well that actually seems to be working, but causing some serious problems when every wish is being granted.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has college football action with Maryland at Virginia Tech.
  • NFL Network has the Denver Broncos at the Cleveland Browns.
  • TNT has a NBA doubleheader with the Philadelphia 76ers at the Orlando Magic followed by the Houston Rockets at the Portland Trail Blazers.

Late Night

  • Mad Men (USA): Repeat. The second season finale episode, “Meditations on an Emergency,” replays.
  • The Starter Wife (USA): Repeat. Last Friday’s episode, “Das Booty Call,” replays.

TV Marathon

Sci Fi has eight episodes of Special Unit 2 early.

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  • Richard Archer Nov 6, 2008, 9:37 am

    Who was the “bright” network executive that started the practice of overlapping run-times, making programs last longer than 60 minutes? I have to guess that it all started because of DVR’s, but in more than one instance it has backfired, causing me to not record a program because it would prevent me from recording a higher priority program that started a minute or two before the end of the 61 or 62 minute program. This process is very bothersome. How would someone go about starting an online petition to the networks to stop this practice?

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