April 2009

News & Notes Tonight, ABC has Ugly Betty returning to the lineup and the second season finale of Private Practice. In where did that show go news, CBS has pulled Harper’s Island the post CSI slot and moved it to Saturday nights starting this weekend, May 2nd. Will be on TV Talk with Shaun OMac [...]

News & Notes Tonight, ABC, CBS & NBC will have the Presidential News Conference and ABC has the 100th episode of Lost. Over on cable, A&E has the first season finale of The Exterminators and Sci Fi has the fifth spring season finale of Ghost Hunters. Direct TV begins airing the four unaired episodes of [...]

News & Notes On cable tonight, BBC America has the second season finale of Last Restaurant Standing, ID has the series premiere of Dallas DNA, Sci Fi has the first season finale of WCG Ultimate Gamer, and Sundance has an Addicted to Plastic special. Enter our Rhoda Season One DVD Set and Spin City Season [...]

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