Tonight on the Tube: Head Case & Party Down Season Finales

News & Notes

Get Head Case Season One on DVDTonight, FOX has Don’t Forget the Lyrics! returning to the lineup.

Over on cable, Starz has the third season finale of Head Case followed by the first season finale of Party Down.

Giveaways: Two CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – The Complete First Season sets on Blu-ray and One Designing Women – The Complete First Season set on DVD.

Prime Picks

Everybody Hates Chris (The CW): Repeat. In the fourth season premiere episode, “Everybody Hates Tattaglia,” has Chris excited about going to high school. The CW has cancelled this show, so it will not be returning in the fall.
The Game (The CW): Repeat. In “The Platski Thickens” from earlier this season, Jason tries forgetting his Kelly troubles by going to a wild party. The CW has cancelled this show, so it will not be returning in the fall.

House (FOX): Repeat. In “Dying Changes Everything” from earlier this season, Wilson is still trying to get over the death of Amber and resigns from the hospital.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. In “Scan Man” from earlier this season, the team is looking into a string of thefts at a shipping service. CBS has picked this up for another season next fall.

Solid Selections

Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (FOX): New. Meat Loaf and his daughter are on the show.

Flashpoint (CBS): Repeat. In “Never Kissed a Girl” from season one, a man holds a courtroom hostage to try and prove he didn’t commit the murder he has been accused. This series is still in production up in Canada, but CBS has not announced when the next season may air for us down here in the States.

20/20 (ABC): New. Reports about people living with Tourette Syndrome.

Cable Choices

Unwrapped (Food Network): Repeats. Marc finds out how some of your favorite “Finger Foods” and then checks out some “Salty” foods. Both episodes play again later.

Diners, Drive-In & Dives (Food Network): Repeats. Guy goes “A Little Bit of Everywhere,” but it’s totally “Worth the Trip.” Both episodes play again later.

Head Case (Starz): Season Finale. Dr. Goode heads to NYC to help out new client Jerry Seinfeld. She also gets approached about writing a book.
Party Down (Starz): Season Finale. Kristen Bell (Heroes, Veronica Mars guest stars as the leader of a rival catering crew.

Sports Note

  • ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights with a welterweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds.
  • TNT has game two of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with the Orlando Magic at the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Versus has NHL playoff action.

Late Night

  • House (USA): Repeat. The season five finale episode, “Both Sides Now,” from a couple weeks ago on FOX replays, where House is treating a patient that has had the two halves of his brain operated on so they don’t communicate.
  • My Boys (TBS): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “Friends of Friends,” replays.
  • Rescue Me (FX): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “Play,” replays. Runs 61 minutes.

TV Marathons

Bravo has five episodes of Top Chef.
Discovery Channel has 14 episodes of Destroyed in Seconds early.
MTV has five episodes of Made early and later has seven episodes of True Life.
Oxygen has 16 episodes of Roseanne.
USA has six episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent early followed by 11 episodes of NCIS

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