Exclusive Interview With Allison Scagliotti of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 – Comic Con 2009

Allison Scagliotti Warehouse 13 Pressroom - Comic Con 2009As I mentioned previously on the Joanne Kelly Interview post and again on the Saul Rubinek Interview post, the fun of Comic Con is that you don’t always know what might happen next. In this regard, getting to interview the cast of Warehouse 13 individually at a table by myself in the pressroom that followed the panel. Normally, you’d be at a table with four to seven others asking questions. So, getting to be one-on-one was a highlight of the experience.

I’ve attempted to clean the audio as best I can to get rid of the background noise, but there is still some. Also, since the recorder was pointed towards her, she comes in a bit clearer than I do. But, overall you can hear the questions and Allison Scagliotti’s answers pretty well.

I only got about four and half minutes to interview Allison Scagliotti.

Topics Covered in the Allison Scagliotti Interview:

  • How is was joining the cast a few episodes in.
  • What it’s like working with Saul Rubinek.
  • What it’s like working with things that aren’t really there.
  • What was the most fun she’s had on the show.
  • What her favorite cookie is.

So, what did you think of the Allison Scagliotti interview? Is there something you would have asked? Let me know in the comments.

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  • karen Aug 10, 2010, 5:13 pm

    This was a great interview and must have been quite exciting for you. I think all your questions were super!

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