Tonight on the Tube: Dexter, Drop Dead Diva & Mad Men

News & Notes

Download Mad Men Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, Comedy Central has a Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? comedy special, Discovery Channel has a Discovering Ardi special, E! has the sixth season premiere of The Girls Next Door, History has a JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America special, and Lifetime has the first season finale of Drop Dead Diva and the third season finale of Army Wives.

In late night, E! has the series premiere of Leave It to the Lamas.

Prime Picks

The Simpsons (FOX): New. All the guys in Springfield have become obsessed with mixed martial arts fighting. Runs 30 minutes.

Dexter (Showtime): New. Dexter takes it upon himself to rid the neighborhood of a vandal that is making his neighbors become more aware of what is going on around them, which is not a good thing for him. He also grows more fascinated with the Trinity killer and how he has gotten away with it for so long. Plays again later. This is a good episode, but not as good as next week’s. I really like where this season is headed.

Mad Men (AMC): New. Don and Sal are having trouble keeping a client happy. Runs 62 minutes. Plays twice and again later.

Solid Selections

Food Network Challenge (Food Network): New. Four contestants compete to make the best sugar showpiece that represents one of four classic adventure novels. Plays again later.

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime): Season Finale. It looks like Parker may be making an announcement about a new partner. Jane is trying to once and for all decide whether or not to move on with her life and forget about Grayson. Plays again later two times. This is a very good season ender that will leave you wanting more of this fun little show.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): New. Kitty is dealing with the news of her cancer and with the help of Robert and Nora is trying to decide the best course of treatment. The rest of the family ends up finding out in true Walker style, at least that’s how it looks in the preview clip. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Other Options

  • Army Wives (Lifetime): Season Finale. Michael is being promoted. Pamela can’t take it anymore. Roland is having a hard time with Joan away. Roxy gets some good and bad news. Plays again later. I got too far behind on this show to catch up before tonight’s season finale, but watched it anyway. You can say whatever you want about this show, but they sure know how to do a finale.
  • Californication (Showtime): New. New professor Hank attends a university mixer at Dean Koons’ place and gets himself into a few situations that only he can. Runs 30 minutes. Plays again later. This episode takes you where you figure it was going, but not as far as it takes you next week. Yet, you never really get anywhere.
  • Cold Case (CBS): New. The squad reopens the case of an innocent teen that died in juvenile detention.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO): New. Christian Slater guest stars as himself and Larry makes his doctor regret giving him his personal phone number. Plays again later.
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC): New. John the Gardner makes an appearance. Bree is thinking about going away with Karl for the weekend. Runs 61 minutes.
  • Iron Chef America (Food Network): New. Chef Daisy Gordon takes on Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Plays again later.
  • The Next Iron Chef (Food Network): New. The remaining chefs are asked ot reinvent some international dishes. Plays again later.
  • Three Rivers (CBS): New. This show is terrible, so it will be interesting to see how many people watch this week. The only reason I will, is because this is supposed to be the re-shot “Pilot” that got pushed to be the second episode and I want to see how it compares to the original before all the recasting.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has NASCAR racing with the Sprint Cup: Pepsi 500.
  • CBS has NFL action followed.
  • FOX has NFL action.
  • NBC has Day 4 coverage of the Presidents Cup golf tournament and later Sunday Night Football with the Indianapolis Colts at the Tennessee Titans.
  • TBS has MLB playoff action all day.

Late Night

  • Breaking Bad (AMC): Repeat. The season two episode, “4 Days Out,” replays.
  • House (USA): Repeat. The “Epic Fail” episode from a couple weeks ago on FOX replays.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): Repeat. Last Thursday’s episode, “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention,” replays.
  • Psych (USA): Repeat. Last Friday’s episode, “Let’s Get Hairy,” replays.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Smite,” replays. Runs 62 minutes.
  • Sanctuary (Syfy): Repeat. Last Friday’s season two premiere episode, “End of Nights: Part 1,” replays.
  • Stargate Universe (Syfy): Repeat. Last Friday’s, “Air, Part 3,” replays.

TV Marathons

Discovery Channel has eight episodes of MythBusters early.
History has 10 episodes of Gangland.
MTV has seven episodes of True Life.
Oxygen has 10 episodes of America’s Next Top Model.
Spike has 15 hours of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episodes.
TLC has six episodes of Untold Stories of the E.R..
TNT has 12 episodes of Numb3rs.
Travel Channel has eight episodes of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern early.
USA has five episodes of House tonight.

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  • Kyle Oct 11, 2009, 7:16 pm

    Will finally give Three Rivers a shot tonight–still have last week’s waiting on the DVR since they decided to air the second episode first. Wanted to watch in order. I know it got a glowing play-by-play review on the TVTimesThree podcast :)

  • Jason the TVaholic Oct 11, 2009, 7:35 pm

    Kyle, I doubt it will make either one better.

  • Kyle Oct 11, 2009, 8:17 pm

    Hmm–thought you said something about a shooting in a church in the original pilot–don’t recall seeing that in this new pilot–they must have chopped that storyline out.
    Wasn’t awful, wasn’t great–will watch the second episode when I get a chance.

  • darci Oct 13, 2009, 11:51 am

    This was such a great season finale of Drop Dead Diva and even though the cliffhangers are borderline excruciating, I wouldn’t have changed a thing…can’t wait for next season

    I really loved the scene where Grayson accidentally revealed to Stacy that he’s losing sleep over Jane…it does a great job of setting up drama for next season, and further develops the already complex Jane/Deb dichotomy. I also thought it was cool that they used the song ‘Piece of Mind’ by Castaneda in the background of the scene – they’ve really had a bunch of great music choices all season long, and it’s great to hear that. (fyi, you can watch the scene at: )

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