Tonight on the Tube: Smallville, Stargate Universe & White Collar

News & Notes

Download Stargate Universe Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, History has the first season finale of Lock N’ Load With R. Lee Ermey and TLC has a Battle of the Wedding Planners special.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. A pair of twins with superpowers heads to Metropolis to help the blur fight crime, but they only end up getting Clark in trouble with the district attorney.

Stargate Universe (Syfy): New. The Destiny stops in range of a jungle planet. A team explores and finds a Kino and various members start to get sick. Plays again later. Last week’s episode, “Earth,” replays right before.

White Collar (USA): New. An American soldier and a news reporter are suspects, as Pete and Neal are attempting to track down some Iraqi artifacts. Plays again later. The first three episodes of the series replay earlier in the day.

Solid Selections

House (FOX): Repeat. In “Locked In” from last season, House thinks he knows what is wrong with the guy next to him in the hospital and has him transferred to Princeton Plainsboro.

Monk (USA): New. Monk is trying to figure out who is sabotaging the wedding of someone close to him. Plays again later.

Sanctuary (Syfy): New. Magnus works to save a scientist that was attacked by an Abnormal that was thought to be docile. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • Numb3rs (CBS): New. Lou Diamond Phillips is back as Agent Edgerton, who is the prime suspect after a witness he met with recently is found dead.
  • Medium (CBS): New. Is Ariel’s boyfriend a murderer? Well, Allison thinks so.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN doubleheader NBA action with the Atlanta Hawks at the Boston Celtics followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at the Denver Nuggets.
  • ESPN2 has Friday Night College Football with West Virginia at Cincinnati.

Late Night

  • Sons of Anarchy (FX): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “Balm,” replays.

TV Marathons

AMC has Mad Max, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, and Mad Max Beyond Thurderdome tonight.
Bravo has five episodes of Project Runway.
Discovery Channel has six episodes of Deadliest Catch.
Syfy has eight episodes of Jericho early.

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  • Jaci Nov 13, 2009, 10:51 am


    Just want to let you know that Monk is over and tonight is a rerun..
    Appreciate your newsletter. Keeps us informed of shows we may otherwise miss.


  • Jason the TVaholic Nov 13, 2009, 5:17 pm

    Jaci, Glad you like the daily updates, but Monk isn’t over yet, it doesn’t end until December 4th, which will be the series finale. Tonight the Captain is getting married and Monk is the best man.

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