Tonight on the Tube: Glee-peats, Bowl Games & Charlie Brown

News & Notes

Find Glee, Volume One: Road to Sectionals on DVD at AmazonOn cable tonight, Discovery has a couple Everest: Beyond the Limits special episodes, HGTV has the second season finale of Income Property, History has a couple of Jobsite special episodes, MTV has the 23rd season premiere of The Real World, and TLC has a The Impoders special.

In late night, truTV has a Crisis: New York Underground special.

Prime Picks

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (ABC): Repeat. Charlie Brown is struggling with “War and Peace” while the rest of the gang is planning their holiday.
The Office (NBC): Repeat. In “The Lover” from earlier this season, Michael tells Jim and Pam whom he has been dating. This season’s premiere episode, “Gossip,” replays right before.

Modern Family (ABC): Repeat. In “Run for Your Wife” from earlier this season, Jay and Gloria disagree about what Manny has chosen to wear for the first day of school. Cameron and Mitchell take Lily to the doctor after bumping her head. Off the top of my head, this episode is in the top three of the season so far. Both of these storylines are just brilliant, but the end of the Lily storyline is just hilarious.
The Office (NBC): Repeat. In “Secret Santa” from earlier this season, Michael is mad when he finds out that Jim has let Phyllis be Santa. The “Double Date” episode from earlier in the season replays right before.

Eastwick (ABC): New. The ladies decide to keep what happened from Jaime. Kat begins dealing with a new neighbor. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Solid Selections

Glee (FOX): Repeat. In “Vitamin D” from earlier this season, Terri starts handing out “vitamins” to the students when she takes over as the school nurse.

Glee (FOX): Repeat. In “Throwdown” from earlier this season, Sue is making the glee clubbers compete against each other.

CSI: NY (CBS): Repeat. In “Help” from last season, has the CSIs investigating after a dead body is found at a wedding dress sale.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl with Bowling Green vs. Idaho followed by the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl with Arizona vs. Nebraska.
  • ESPN2 has doubleheader college basketball action.
  • NBA TV has the Boston Celtics at the Phoenix Suns.

TV Marathons

A&E has 26 episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Discovery Channel has seven episodes of Overhaulin’ followed by five episodes of Everest: Beyond the Limits.
Hallmark Channel has six Christmas/Holiday themed TV movies today.
HGTV has 25 episodes of Bang for Your Buck.
History has five episodes of Ancients Behaving Badly that play two times.
MTV has 11 episodes of Parental Control.
Oxygen has 18 episodes of Roseanne.
Spike has 27 episodes of 1000 Ways to Die.
TLC has five episodes of Wild Weddings early and 10 episodes of Police Women of Broward County.
truTV has six episodes of World’s Wildest Police Videos early.
USA has 14 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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