Tonight on the Tube: Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy & Burn Notice

News & Notes

Download Burn Notice Season 3 Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandTonight, CBS has a Surviving Survivor special and FOX has winter finales of Bones and Fringe.

Over on cable, Comedy Central has the second season premiere of Important Things With Demetri Martin and the third season premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program, TLC has the first season finale of BBQ Pit Masters, and VH1 has the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam 2010.

In late night, Showtime has a Paul Mooney: It’s the End of the World! comedy special.

There are 13 shows on tonight that I will be watching at some point. How many Thursday night shows are on tap for you tonight?

Giveaways: Enter to win a White Collar prize pack that includes a cashmere scarf, flask, and t-shirt and a Burn Notice prize pack that includes DVDs, a logo flashlight, and t-shirt.

Prime Picks

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): New. Bonnie and Ben go on a date that gets scary. Damon and Stefan are looking for the journal belonging to Elena’s ancestor. Damon finds that someone from his past has come into town.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. The hospital may get sued on Derek’s first day has chief after a patient wakes during a surgery. Mark is not talking to Lexie. Runs 61 minutes.

Burn Notice (USA): New. Michael’s former drug dealing neighbor comes to him for help against a group of thieves. Plays again later. The previous two episodes, “A Dark Road” and “Friendly Fire,” replay earlier in the evening. Don’t forget to enter the Burn Notice prize pack giveaway that includes DVD sets, logo flashlight, t-shirt, and more.

Solid Selections

Bones (FOX): Winter Finale. Booth and Brennan are investigating after some disfigured remains are found. One of the interns reveals a secret about their past. It looks like the show will be back in early April with new episodes.

Fringe (FOX): Winter Finale. Olivia learns more of her past so she can save hundreds of people when a tremor causes much damage to a Manhattan office building. It looks like the show will be back in early April with new episodes.

The Mentalist (CBS): New. A saleswoman is found dead in the truck of a car in the dealership’s showroom and the team investigates.

Other Options

  • 30 Rock (NBC): New. Liz and Frank are trying to help each other stop some bad habits.
  • Ace of Cakes (Food Network): New. Duff and the gang make a Han Solo in carbonite cake. A repeat episode follows. Both play again later.
  • Community (NBC): New. Jeff sets out to be the best in his pottery class. Pierce is in a boating class.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): New. The CSIs investigate street racing after a teen is found dead and another is missing.
  • The Office (NBC): New. Michael is not doing well with the new policies put in place by Sabre. Erin is waiting for Andy to ask her on a date.
  • Parks & Recreation (NBC): New. Leslie doesn’t like a deal that will have the Parks Department selling a local company’s energy bars.
  • Private Practice (ABC): New. Addison can only use the core blood of a couple’s newborn to save one of their two daughters that is sick and they have to decide which one. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.
  • Supernatural (The CW): New. Anna is sent back in time to kill Mary and John before they conceive Sam.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has doubleheader college basketball action.
  • ESPN2 has tripleheader college basketball action.
  • TNT has doubleheader NBA action with the Miami Heat at the Cleveland Cavaliers followed by the San Antonio Spurs at the Portland Trail Blazers.

Late Night

  • Caprica (Syfy): Repeat. Last Friday’s episode, “Rebirth,” replays. Also replays earlier in the day following a replay of the “Pilot.”
  • Psych (USA): Repeat. Last night’s episode, “Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers,” replays.
  • White Collar (USA): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “Vital Signs,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has five episodes of First 48.
Bravo has 11 episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County.
Discovery Channel has six episodes of A Haunting.
History has five episodes of Modern Marvels.
Oxygen has 18 episodes of Snapped.
Spike has five episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
Syfy has six episodes of Special Unit 2 early.

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  • Kyle Feb 4, 2010, 4:35 am

    Ghaaaaa–I haven’t even caught up on the rest of the week and tonight is packed! Didn’t know about the Survivor Special, but without that I already had like 16 things recording tonight when I add all the cable stuff (Ace of Cakes, Archer, Burn Notice, …) on top of the networks. Just finally getting around to watching this week’s White Collar as I type this.
    As for Buffy S5/Angel S2, I’m through 15 eps of each–but that is certainly on hold until I get the DVR backlog cleared.

  • Jason the TVaholic Feb 4, 2010, 4:59 am

    Kyle, I still have a bunch of stuff from last night as well, cause I was watching Buffy S.5 episodes instead. We’ll see about some Angel episodes today with all the stuff on tonight.

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